SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29


Guys, I just want to start off by letting you know that your feedback has been greatly appreciated. We’ve gone through and read through as many posts as we could throughout the weekend. Thank you guys for being so active. Seriously, it helps!

We do want to apologize for any undue stress that was caused by the Friday announcement on the price change and policy update. We try to always have our users’ best interests in mind when making these decisions given the constraints imposed by our investors and partners. We hope that the changes below highlight that fact. We hope that these changes show that we are actively listening to community feedback.

Your thoughts were presented internally and we discussed as a team what we could do to alleviate some of the concerns voiced over the weekend.

The details

Our intention was never to punish our old users, so we’ve come up with the following plan: anyone with SkyCredits before June 1st will continue to burn at 1 SkyCredit/min for Gamer and 2 SkyCredits/min on Pro. Yay! Your burn rate will be “grandfathered” in, so no need to worry. You will be unable to buy the Beginner package until your balance is used. Purchases of Beginner package will be in line with the announcement - $14.99 for 3,000 SkyCredits at a 2/4 burn rate, but only new accounts or accounts with a balance of 0 will have access to purchase this.

Subscriptions will still not have any rollover starting June 1st. This wasn’t something we could change, but we hope that the change of burn rate allows our subscription users some options.

Finally, we’ve done away with the need to make purchase to keep your current SkyCredit balance. Now you will have to have spent 1 SkyCredit between April 1st and July 1st to keep your balance and continue to spend at least 1 SkyCredit every 90 days otherwise your account will be deactivated and SkyCredit balance deleted.


  • All SkyCredits purchased before June 1st will burn at 1 SkyCredit/min for Gamer and 2 SkyCredits/min for Pro.
    • You will have to run your balance to 0 before you are able to purchase the Beginner package, but the Prestige and Prestige+ plans will still be available should you want to take advantage.
    • Beginner package stays the same as per the announcement. ( $14.99 for 3,000 SkyCredits at a 2/4 burn rate)
  • No rollover for subscription plans starting June 1st.
  • Have to spend 1 SkyCredit every 90 days to keep your balance.
  • You have to have spent 1 SkyCredit between April 1st and July 1st to keep your SkyCredit balance and for any rolling 90 day period moving forward.

Please feel free to provide your feedback below. Your input, as always, is valued and helps us with our decision making process.

We will be doing a Q&A livestream with our CEO in the coming weeks. More info on that coming soon!

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Ah I didn’t read the answer… Very well anyway! Thank you

Edit: lol you have just linked this thread to every post LOOOOL


… welp was about to answer that. Glad you liked the changes



This sounded good up to the “no rollover for subscription plans starting June 1st”. It still boggles my mind that you think this would be in an way beneficial. In the beginning, we were promised credit rollover, and that’s one of the main reasons why I subbed: I could keep any credits that I potentially did not use the month before the next month if and when time allows. Now, I’m not so sure if the sub even makes sense to me. :frowning:


Instead of subscribing, I suggest you to manually buy skycredits from BEGINNER PLAN everytime you want! Even every month! They do rollover!


I might resort to that, or just stop using the service, as I mentioned here. It doesn’t make sense for me to be consistently buying credits every month, especially since my financials will be slimmer this summer (work in a high school… summer coming up…).


The beginner plan won’t be available until your SkyCredit balance is at 0 OR you are a new user as of June 1st.


Understand! Nice! Thank you very much! So no half lose of our payed skycredits!

Edit: HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE REPLYING HERE at the same time? Loool


The benefits are more apparent when you look at new users. You can buy a Beginner package and upgrade to Prestige at which point your SkyCredits double in value. As far as using a subscription to amass a stockpile, that won’t be doable anymore.


I would love to use my remaining skycredits But the client doesn’t start at all on my device (after launching the client all I can see is a black screen). Tried many times for months, Also Sent a few bug Reports too, Still my problem has not fixed. So even if I want I can’t keep my balance Because of this. So What can I do?


Finally an official anouncement, have been waiting all day for how it would go, time zones are a bitch :smile:

Really like the changes aswell, as someone who uses LS as a solution while saving for a better PC i’m really just interested in the Beginner Package so yeah, no comment on the Subs.

EDIT: Does not belong into this topic, therefor edited out

Again nice job, and Props again to you Morgan and basically the whole Mod Team for keeping a cool head while getting bitched at the whole time


Open a ticket with support! Let’s keep this thread to the SkyCredit policy. Thanks!


Open a support ticket as well. We’re providing feedback to the dev team, but the more noise on any one given issue, the better.


I would call this the bare minimum. Really a damage control of most immidieate issues.

Wonder how much trust have you lost, if you need a public outrage everytime to make things atleast somewhat right.

Horrible experience and it is time to use credits and say goodbye.


So… Correct me if I’m wrong:

With beginner plan, the burning rate is doubled together with the gained skycredits… But if I buy skycredits this way (with beginner - and getting 3000 skycredits for example) and then I subscribe, I get the STANDARD BURNING RATE (1 skycredits per minute on gamer, 2 on pro) and I’m effectively getting the double because even new skycredits got with beginner plan will burn slowly! Right?


Yes, but to be able to purchase Beginner, you have to have a balance of 0 SkyCredits or be a new user.


I’m sorry you feel that way. We’ve done a lot to listen to feedback and provide a response.


Good! Very good! So I could effectively get a lot more skycredits than before :thinking:


How is everyone happy by this?
Seriously, they are stealing your money by deleting your credits… I cannot believe you guys fell for the bait and switch approach to dealing with their customers.

Its not the first time they have pulled this stunt and it won’t be the last time either…

Btw, “grandfathered” means nothing to this company.