SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29


Great to see liquidsky won’t punish old users anymore. But again increase price mean that quality of service should be improve along with the price. But now it terrible with new streamer and faint to see plan to upgrade GPU for soon. I don’t see any improvement at this point.

You promise us with many things before. But I rarely see it happen e.g USB passthrough, off peak time burn rate 1 skycredits per minute. If you can do the thing that you said, I will be fine about increase pricing or new policy and definitely continue support you for sure. But mostly you can’t. And I have lost my faith in you. I’m with liquidsky since Alpha and always continue support you. And now I have to rethink again If liquidsky won’t improve then continue to raise your price.


Thats currently getting addressed as we speak (a fix is being worked on)
Obviously it didn’t help that this unexpected bug happened during the pricing change.


Let’s be fair. Noone likes price increases, but with the 1/2 burn rate for old SkyCredits, nothing is “stolen”.


Lets be fair, my quoted text mentioned nothing about price increase or a burn rate.


Indeed. But how is it a problem to login for 1 minute every 90 days!?

Not even trying to defend anything here, but accusing anyone of stealing is quite harsh.


1 SkyCredit every 90 days is not a big ask. Worst case scenario, you reach out to customer service and they assess the situation if it’s an extenuating circumstance. Looking at your history, you seem to log in at least once every 90 days, so you’d be fine.

Let’s keep this conversation civil. Chill with the name calling and accusatory statements.


So let me see if i got this straight. I have a monthly subscription that is getting grandfathered but after jun 1 if i decide to cancel my subscription or if i run out of credits and buy a beginner package , will i keep the 1/2 credits per min or use the new burn rate? Meaning, is the old burn rate permanently grandfathered or is it just for the accumulated credits?


Just for the accumulated credits. Beginner package gets twice the SkyCredits to offset the burn rate, so rather than confuse things we’re not letting old users buy Beginner until they run through their existing “old” SkyCredit balance.


I can’t say I’m super happy, but I could live with it. I got used to this policy. Many well known companies do the same, such as Google (Cloud Service) - they require you to spend at least 0.01 if you want to keep your balance. I was shocked when one of the very well known e-wallet companies (similar to Paypal) started taking my money bit-by-bit, every single day due to my inactivity. Since then, I always read Terms & Conditions to make sure I’m happy. I’d strongly advice everyone to read those, especially if there’s money/credits involved - just to avoid surprises. So what I’m trying to say, the “credit expiry due to inactivity” thing is not new, but is becoming more common in various businesses.


On another note, I think it might help if you throw this new Policy into another E-Mail and send it out to everyone. Wouldnt bet on the fact that everyone checks the Forums on a regular basis and stuff.


The burn rate is tied to “old” credits. In your case: you end your subscription, let’s say with 20.000 accumulated credits. You can use them up at a 1/2/burn rate, as PAYG user.
Only when your balance reaches 0 will you be able to purchase credits on Beginmer plan, which will then burn at 2/4.
But you can resub anytime, to get the 1/2 burn rate.

Edit: ah ok, just saw Morgan was faster.


Oh ok thanks for the answer. One last thing, It was my understanding that subscriptions, both the new plans and the grandfathered ones were keeping the 1/2 credits burn rate. Is this correct?

EDIT:already answered by another mod, subscriptions do keep the “old” burn rate


Does the “old” Burnrate also include PAYG Packages that are bought now before the new Prices etc ? i’m basically broke as it is, just would like to know because this would seem somewhat abusable


Thanks anyway!, your last sentence answered my next question lol


What do you call taking all my credits which I have paid for, without my permission?

Where have I called someone or something a “name”?
You can certainly PM me about my uncivil behaviour.


You are making accusatory statements. Just take it down from an 11 to about a 6 and we’ll be good. Not going to argue about it, just laying it down.

No one is stealing anything from anyone. You’ve voiced your opinion on that policy and you’ve been heard. I’m afraid that is not something that’s we’re going to be able to change.


I see some people complaining about the fact that the credits will not rollover when purchased as subscription. Let’s be honest for a second… Credits rollover - was mostly benefit for customers. I was surprised to discover they did rollover on “Monthly” subscriptions. I was quite skeptical about these “Monthly” plans, that easily turn into PAYG.

You generally wouldn’t get such a great deal, or it is extremely rare. Think of it as if you were paying monthly bill of fixed amount every month for your Internet / Phone / TV Licence / other utilities … Do they ever refund you for any unused Hours / Gigabytes or whatever units? In 95% cases, the answer would be, “No, they don’t”. Then why complaining?


That’s actually a good point. Would be neat if my 15 GB mobile data would roll over. I only use about 5-6 GB per month.

It’s always difficult to change things if you’ve set a certain standard. But all in all, especially with the reduced burn rate, the new announcent takes away the element of nasty surprise.


Just the last point I wanted to say before I go to sleep today… The “Prestige+” plan looks like a good value to me, but only if the product was not Beta. Need more stability. Paying for the entire year for something that isn’t stable is a bit risky purchase. There’s no huge harm keeping it as an option, but I would treat it as an investment opportunity with some risk, which may turn into good value or a loss.


Its really meant for people who are deeply interested in a yearly plan and/or interested in the perks and/or interested in cloud gaming (the aspect of it).

If I wasn’t a mod, I would had brought the perk by now.