SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29


Summary: Your credit burn rate is grandfathered on credits purchased before June 1st. Everything else is the same. They got rid of the worst provision and the one bound to cause them legal trouble. It would be nice if somebody could try and get rid of the expiration and just suspend accounts until user requests reactivation, credits in tact. A price hike was likely inevitable. The best one can hope is the service will end up being worth it once current issues are sorted.


To clarify: we can keep using our old credits till the end of the year (or for longer) as long as we spend at least 1 credit every 90 dyas after July 1st and once betwene today and July 1st?


Consider it like the 90 day provision started April 1st. As long as you spend a credit in any rolling 90 day period, you’re golden.


I know it’s way off topic, but did you guys bring the old streamer back? Because I’m getting those old “jumps” again where the epxeriences wasn’t as smooth as with the recent update.

Plus, I can’t seem to find a difference in performance between Gamer and Pro - they are both quite crappy at the moment, to be honest.


Streamer is broken at the moment. Basically the streamer has been reworked from the ground up. Think of it as going back to LS 1.0 streamer roots which is what you were probably thinking.

The streamer is suppose to fix the stutter for example but it has caused pixelation and input lag for others.


If not for the nasty lags, I was happy with the occasional pixelation. The “jumpy”, stuttery behavior was gone with the new streamer, and that was great.


Alright it’s good that LS made this change again about the Skycredits burn rate of 1/2, the need of 1 Skycredit per 90 days doesn’t bother me at all, who is so much busy that can’t turn on the VM for 1 minute in 90 days? C’mon people.

But now, the thing that makes me want to stop buying again is the fact of this non sense price increase. 5 more dollars for what? (It’s even more expensive in Euro, because of VAT and currency exchange).

There wasn’t an upgrade or improvements at all… I just don’t get it. I’d not mind to pay a little bit more if I had:

  • Stable Streamer to resolve stuttering/flickering issues;
  • No Peak Time overload causing poor performance (you can always limit the active sessions depending on the DC and implement a queue);
  • VGPU upgrade for better graphics performance (Tesla v100 for example);
  • Burn rate of 1 while using PRO off peak time;
  • Updated Nvidea drivers.

If you did all these improvements, I’d buy every month and contribute for this company, but since everything stills the same, I see no reasons that justify it.



I tend to get black screens in programs when I run low on memory on my tablet device so I find things to delete from Cache memory.


What is delaying LS in supporting recently released Steam games? I will not be able to utilize my credits if I cannot play certain games due to incompatibility.


What Morgan said on the Discord this afternoon
Info on the drivers - NVIDIA un-screwed up their driver licensing server - we still have to test before rolling it out


So here’s the questions I have that’ll determine whether or not I stay subbed or move over to a competitor. If I stay on the grandfathered in 39.99 plan will I still get 10500 credits every month and will they still tick down at 1/2 credits per minute? My sub renews on the 17th, will the credits I get on the 17th be valid until my sub renews again on the 17th? Is that the point they get erased and the new ones take their place?

I ask these things because I use the 10500 just about every month. I can’t say I necessarily need that much time personally but I’ve been trying to stream and it’s just not very feasible without less because streaming on Gamer isn’t an option. Put a decent amount of money into a mic and some extras to get the ball rolling and it all seems like a waste now.

Edit: Also curious if extra credits can be purchased if necessary.


So, what is this rollover thing you mentioned? Will my Pre-1st June skycredits not rollover after 1st June or what?


They will roll over. All you need to do is login once. If you’ve logged in once since April 1st already, you’re also good.
From then on, you only need to login once every three months, and burn at least one credit (i.e. one minute on Gamer plan), to keep your account active.


As I understand it, subbed SkyCredits will not roll over. But I’ll check back with Morgan to make sure.

You can purchase extra SkyCredits anytime if you need them, and even as a “new” subscriber (should you ever decide to cancel and re-sub), will keep the 1/2 burn rate. 2/4 only applies to Beginner plan users without a subscription.


Alright. So what happens if you are currently on the monthly subscription plan (or start one by tomorrow). How long can we stay on the current plan and when we stop the subscription, do those skycredits rollover?


Any SkyCredits received through a subscription after June 1st will not roll-over.


If I create a new account, then I have the new conditions?


Yep, it’s already mentioned above. The conditions for the new prices would only be imposed on users with 0 skycredits or a fresh account with no purchases.


If i’m using old subscription, will my subscription get cancel?


btw why lock this thread? Old pricing vs. New pricing comparison
the new policy update have nothing to do with what i post in this thread