SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29


No, your subscription will remain intact. Only change is that you won’t be able to accumulate SkyCredits anymore.


I hope I do not lose my points, I bought 5000Skypoints today


I’m glad that the burn rate change was altered as it was against EU law on credits purchased before the change.

The inactivity though, is not acceptable to me.

I cancelled my monthly subscription when I realised that with 2 kids, I didn’t have time to use the service much and as such paying monthly for it made no sense. I fully intended to play up my credits (over 30k) when opportunity arises but I can in no way or form guarantee that I can find playtime once every 90 months.

What I could do is boot it up so a credit is spent then shutting down again, once or twice in a 90 day frame, but that would be forcing me to spend my credits without me being able to use the service. Sooner or later, I’d be without credits even if I never actually used the service again.

I payed for these credits under a license where I could keep them forever. This inactivity clause was not there before and shouldn’t apply for these credits as it’s not part of the agreement.

I do realise that the terms and conditions state that you are allowed to alter this as you please but in accordance with EU consumer protection laws, those edits are invalid for users residenting in the EU.

I hope that you can come to a solution that doesn’t require a complaint to be made to the EU, but that is the route you are on even with these revisions.

Food for thought.


With a 30,000 SkyCredit balance and the need to log in once every 90 days, it would take you over 7,397 years to go through your balance assuming you never played and only logged in to keep your balance alive. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

As it stands, this policy is not going to be reversed. If at any point you are in danger of hitting the 90 days and just can’t get on for whatever reason, you can reach out to customer support. They’ll likely be able to help people on a case-by-case basis as there can be extenuating circumstances.

You have given me an idea to bring up to the team which is maybe a web based function to count you as active as an alternative to having to log in on the platform. :thinking:


Why should I be required to take an action at all? As per my contact/terms of my purchase, my credits are to never expire and I have already payed for it, no?

What is the reason behind this inactivity removal? Surely not cost, storing the values in a database is cheap. A monthly user might cost a bit with the persistent disk but they are also paying for it, so no issue there. GDPR is not the case either, as I 1. Haven’t heard much about it from you guys at all, and 2, they still have a business relationship with you so it’s is perfectly okay to store the data. The only reason that I can see, but please correct me if I’m wrong, is that the company needs a rapid boost in the books by removing as much “cost on paper”, credits, while making sure more people pay. Short term, beurocratics that doesn’t actually give anything long term and, as you can tell from these posts, a lot of bad will and loss of reputation. Some companies, like EA, can survive such a backlash easily. I’m not so sure in your case. There are plenty of competitors doing the same thing or one can set up a similar thing for themselves.

Instead of a web page solution, I’d tag users with credits left as legacy credits user and exempt then from the business rules in the code. As soon as those credits are spent, remove the tag and they’ll move through the system like this change intended. Everyone is happy.

While I agree that 7000 years is plenty enough, it’s the sentiment of sticking to the agreement made and staying true to your word. If you wish to break it, give a reason and compensate.


As a reminder, the LiquidSky forums are a place to discuss our service, not our competitors.

Your feedback has been shared internally. Thank you for discussing your thoughts.


Well I for one want to share my gratitude. You listened to our (my) feedback and responded quickly. A login once every 90 days isnt too much to ask. Now fix the streamer, get those new drivers and I will start burning my credits like I’ve been waiting to!


Working on it! Both customer support and the community team has been providing feedback to the devs on the streamer. Don’t quote me, but I believe NVIDIA fixed their driver issue, so we should begin testing shortly. Yaaaaay!


These days, the streamer is pretty stable as it is. The new drivers will be greately appreciated, as I didn’t get a refund on my copy of Wolfenstein II and would love to play it in the nearest future.


This is damage controll at its full form. This is utterly disgusting. You do realize that a 2/4 burn rate was never the original intention to keep people happy? 1 SC a minute I was happy with. I was scared that this would come, and it actually did. It might be time to say goodbye when my credits run out. People don’t have that much money out of their pockets Morgan. Especially me. Now I will have to pay an extra amount just to play with my friends on Battlefield V, upon release.

Thanks a bunch, yo…


You still do have the 1/2 burn rate. We didn’t end up making that change due to community feedback.


Morgan, while I appreciate your hard work replying to almost every post here (really, you should earn a price after this), you’re reply was also a non reply this time around, dodging my concerns a bit (which from the rest of the topic is pretty much a first for you. Again, great job so far on your end)

What I’m trying to say is, thanks for voicing my concerns internally but what about them, what is the reply? As linked in a previous discussion about this, we’re talking violation of EU laws. While you are an American company, being active in EU means following the rules of the EU.

What is the reasoning behind forcing active action to avoid getting your account deleted and your payed for hours removed? How do you justify it?


I’m not trying to dodge anything, but on the same not I’m not trying to have an argument either. The why’s have been discussed and the most I can do at this point is provide that feedback internally. What I do know is that customer service will be looking at tickets submitted due to the inactivity period on a case-by-case basis.


Ah, that make things much clearer :slight_smile:

Not a way I would handle things, on a company level, but I understand the reasoning behind it and I do know that the level of transparency that I prefer in a company is a few levels above the norm.


If they don’t use their credits, just leave it there, you won’t lose any money, why delete it?


Seconding this. Having credits expire for any reason (even if the means to prevent this is easy) doesn’t make any sense. It’s essentially throwing someone’s purchase in the trash. It would make sense only for the subscription packages as it’s a renewing bill, but for the beginner package it’s very anti-consumer.


"With a 30,000 SkyCredit balance and the need to log in once every 90 days, it would take you over 7,397 years to go through your balance assuming you never played and only logged in to keep your balance alive. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: "
I’m not sure if you are stupid or you just want to piss people off


Wanna add my 2 cents. I will be happy (well, not happy, by willing) to pay 30 bucks for the Prestige plan, but only as long as the service flawlessly. Honestly, there were a lot of times in the past when I wanted to burn my credits but couldn’t simply because the low FPS or the bad streaming prevented me from doing that.

If LS fixes all of that and introduces the new drivers, I still won’t be happy about the roll-over cancellation, but at least I’ll be able to play 120/60 hours whenever I want to during that 1 month.


does the prestige and prestige + burn at 2/4 or 1/2 ?


They burn at the 1/2 rate.