SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29


1 can you change burn rate on prestige + 1 burn rate on gamer and 1 on pro???
How it works if me bought prestige plan and i have 5000 skycredits on 100 hours


You can’t. Plans on P and P plus burn at 1/2 rate.


I’m a bit confused. I was just billed 19.99 for 5000 skycredits. So our plans are grandfathered?


Yes- if you were on a monthly plan before and continue with payments you are grandfathered in.


Just be aware that your credits won’t roll over anymore. But you do keep the 5000 credits/19,99$ sub.


Dont like the new prices. really believed that the old plans were still available as granfathered they arent. after my credits expire ill quit. bye liquidsky.


The subscriptions were able to be grandfathered so long as you maintained your payments.


Changing the rules of the old subscription is not the definition of grandfathering.


SaaS model does not allow for grandfathering. AFAIK there is not a “grandfathering clause” in any of the EULAs skycomputer users agree too when installing LS client.

We are all beta software testers as LS users. Beta means “expect major updates to all components”


maintained payments? i was using pay as you go, still have about 1400 skycredits from my $9.99 purchase. how do i maintain a pay as you go payment? had to keep buying more $9.99 skycredits?


Only subscriptions. There is no grandfathering of one-off payment plans.


thats the reason im quitting. plans are grandfathered, burn rates arent.


You are not alone. I quit already. This company is done.


Yep, ill consider coming back when their monthly plans are really monthly, as play for the entire month, without skycredit bs. this also couldnt have come at a better moment, due to now ive quit using steam also. Learned about other cloud computer companies that are giving cheaper monthly plans for truly unlimite usage, havent tried them, as such im unsure if thryre lying, but ill consider trying them.


then they shouldnt name it grandfathering , it isnt. theyre moving everyone to the crappier new plans.


can you send me private message? somehow I cant send you.


Burn rates are the same for users with legacy SkyCredits. The Beginner plan gets double the SkyCredits to offset the double burn rate, so effectively nothing changes outside of the price.

You can bust out the dictionary or read through what was written and understand that the price was grandfathered, but the rollover was not.


dont have to, grandfathered means the exact plans kept, parts of it arent. thats besides the point. all thats changeds a price increase for PAYG, thats a reason im quitting.


Ok, read it however you want. Actually, this post only says burn rates would be grandfathered. :thinking:

I understand no one likes price increases for any reason. Unfortunately, that’s not something we are able to change.


You still dont understand what grandfathered means. You can not apply it to just a portion of the deal. Grandfathered means you apply it to whole deal.

Please respect what words mean thank you.