*Skycredits going down fast* [SOLVED]


i have the prestige plan and it says it goes down 1 per minute but i have been on it for 1 hour and i have lost 700 skycredits. Is this a bug?

Admin Edit August 13, 2018 5:42 PM (Europe: Paris), August 13, 2018 8:42 AM (America: Los Angeles): The drain rate has been fixed and devs are working on issuing refunds for all affected users.

1 minute 10-14 credits
6 skycredits for 1 minute!
Charged more points than i should be?!
Burn rate and points being lost
Skycredits suddenly gone!?
Im losing skycredits to fast
Cursor glitch and sky credits glitch
Did something change with the credits?
Skycredi is too much deducted

Hi,same thing happen to me.


@Segraz @NixCro guys send in a ticket then
It will be taken care of



Hi,i have problem.For every minute you charge me between 10 and 14 credits.I didnt notice till now and i started count and it was like 2761,after one minute 2747 then 2737 and every minute you charge me 10-14 credits maybe even more.For 40 min or so you charge me around 400 credits.I know that this is probably bug.Aries or Morgan can you help.Thanks


Forget to tell i was using pro.So it should charge me 4 credits right?


I mean i was playing game 30-35 min and when i noticed that something is wrong i start count and last 3-4 min a saw that you take me 10-15 credits per min.


I recorded video with another mob .I can send video to someones email.You will see in one minute it charge me 20+ credits.For 6-7 min it charge me 100+ credit.Great now its weekend and i cant play and becouse of this bug,and tomorow its open beta for cod.Ok waiting respons from ariel or morgan.


I’m just going to forward the duplicate thread over to here, my point still stands (send in a ticket)
I’ll check on my alt account if this bug applies also…

EDIT: Not happening to me (its draining 2 credits for me on Pro)
Again, I suggest you don’t use LS until Aries or another staff will fix the credit bug tomorrow

EDIT 2: just checked again, its doing to mine too


I cant submit ticket becouse it wont let me to click on what device i using i click and click but nothin happen and when i try submit ticket without that it said device info canot be blank.I dont have pc or another device at this mom3nt to try submitinng ticket from there.Yeah i will not using liquid sky.Thanks for your reply


Try copying and pasting it on another Android browser. Chrome or Firefox should work on it


Done.Thank you for your help.


Update: Morgan is checking with the devs through Slack rn


Today I am using SKYCOMPUTER, and I remember having about 500-600 skycredits, then after playing for only ~30 mins on gamer plan, I shut down my skycomputer and suddenly I find my account has only 100 skycredits left.

So what is the problem here? Even if I were to play on pro plan, it would not took that much in only 30 mins.

updated: I just log out my account and log in again and my skycredits fell to 98 just 1-2 mins after writing this thread!!!


Moved the thread, just send in a support ticket.


so yesterday my burn rate randomly increased from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 4 i have found nothing recently about why this has happened and all so i have been playing with my friends on the 2 per min option and i played for about a hour and a half and i went from 1300 to 840 now that does not makes sense so where have my points gone all so sometimes the point indicator will some times go from say 1200 to 1210 it will go up for no reason then go back down to a even lower number like 1100 and im a one time buyer user so if thats important and this is very annoying cause now i means that the increased burn rate means i need to buy more points i cant afford and there burning at a much high rate then what it says one and a half hours does not add up to 540 points so now i cant play with my friends without worrying about my points so if theres any reason my points have gone and my burn rate has gone up please tell me cause 2 points per min is not fair thanks


It’s a bug currently with the system. Staff have been notified. For the time being you can file a ticket with support here for reimbursement (not advised for you to use the service with this bug, but you are free to):



Im losing skycredits to fast, like I had 6459 skycredits and in less than one minute I was with 6429, then I closed my skycomputer and while closing my skycredits go to 6405, I dont know whats going on, I dont have Prestige anymore so I should lose 2 per minute not 20/30. Thank you so much for your attention. Ps: I started with 6490 skycredits and dont even play 6 minutes and get to the 6459 skycredits. Other times i play when i was with more skycredits, i was seeing them droping to fast, but I was thinking it
Is because I dont have subscription anymore, but now i see that they were dropping to fast and not because i dont have subscription, because in gamer its only 2 per min.


Devs know about that bug.But i dont know why is taking so long for them to fix that.


I Google it and find something about it in a July post, that much time for a little bug its strange, but this bug can be more complicated than it seems.


No one is active on Slack. It doesn’t matter for now, people can continue to use if they wish, but they’ll have to open up a ticket to be reimbursed

For others with low credits, they will have no choice but to stop using it for now