SkyCredits not being allocated


I'm on the gamer plan. I hadn't used my sky computer for a number of months and had built up a chuck of credits on my account. Then over the Christmas period I started using it in ernest and whittled it down. It was then I notice that my monthly billing date is on the 6th of each month. But I didn't get any new credits allocated to my account then. I don't know about other months as I had not been using it for a period of time, but I know for sure that I didn't get my 80 credits for January, that the gamer plan should be adding each month.

When I look at the account page, it says "You'll receieve 80 SkyCredits on 09/19/2016". Clearly this is well in the past.

I tried to get support via the chat window on the account page. However I've had no response and that's coming up for 5 days since using the support chat channel.


did you pay for it ?


Yes, I'm still paying. I received both the PayPal email and a receipt email from Xsolla for the plan.


This might be stupid but if in september your credits came on the 19th wouldn't it come every month on the 19th?


Possibly the credits are allocated on the 19th of the month. However it seems strange to bill me on the 6th of the month then not allocate the credits almost 2 weeks later on the 19th.

I would ask others, what does it say on your account page? Does it list a date in the past for you or is the date updating

Also it seems very poor to get no response via the proper support channel. I realise they are busy with the new launch in march, but it should not take this long.


I'm on unlimited so I can't verify anything with credits unfortunately...

As a side in the android app when I paid for unlimited they had a little chat to support thing there which they responded to every query within 24hrs but that was on the 5th so before the close off of invites...


Did you perhaps reach the max of 720 credits? (See for reference)


I have the same problem and no responce from the chat, i can't even downgrade my plan tthe page is not working


@bofforama while I built up an number of credits, it did not reach as high as 720.

Any one know if there is any way to reach the liquid sky support, other than the support chat window?

I really like this service, but if I can't get any account support, then I'm going to have end my subscription.