Small review about LiquidSky gaming


Today I used LS in some games, in Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3, Watch Dogs 2 and some other.
About Witcher 3, you can play 25 fps on ultra graphics settings, it is not good, on low settings you will get 45 fps.
About DS 3, this game is not about graphics, but you will get on max settings about 40 fps, it is good for this game.
Watch Dogs 2, this game cant be played on LS, you will get 25-30 fps on every settings, it is very sad.
About latency, I played some indi games, The binding of Isaac Afterbirth, and you can play this, latency is very low, like on your pc.
In my dreams, games on cloud servers is something like games on consoles, 60 fps and 1080p with good internet, but today we cant reach this. May be in future we will play all new games on any pc with perfect graphics, but not today.


Sorry to say but you aren't telling us anything new.
What I do advise is for you to try again in a month when the new servers with the newer, better, faster hardware are available. The new base tier should run all those games better than the current Ultra tier.

I honestly think we'll all be very pleasantly surprised at just how much power will be available to run the newest games.


I agree with Jimmy. You are using something in Beta. I run ESO with some glitches and Black Desert and I am really excited about what they launch next month. I am happy to be here and helping them build what will be for me what I need to get into PC gaming instead of consoles.


Are u sure I can run those game on Android LiquidSky ultra 60 fps you probably forgot to put 60 fps and left 30 fps in default