Smart TV client?


Hey guys,

I'm wondering if this has been asked before, couldn't find any reference here at least: will there be a client for (Samsung) Smart TV? I'm planning to use my old Galaxy Note 4 hooked to my 55" TV via MHL cable otherwise, but direct access with my (LAN connected) TV would probably yield the best results performance-wise.



...because I have sold my PC altogether (only got a Win10 ASUS T100, a Note 4 and an S7 Edge left), and will try to use LiquidSky as a complete replacement. My TV is the only device atm which is even capable of using a LAN connection. :slight_smile:


I have a smart TV LG (Not WebOS) . Under such a platform is not profitable to do LiquidSky. And perhaps it is not even feasible .


Now, that's the question. Samsung TVs are running their own Bada OS, which is very closely related to Android, AFAIK. Plus they've sold hundreds of millions of these things. Would be great to have, but I was asking more out of curiosity, TBH.:wink:


not at the moment, but hard to say there will be one, I'm hearing it takes some processing to decode the video stream from the server to your client and most tvs don't have the power I'm willing to bet... it's not the same as streaming a movie/tv or even twitch livestreaming... it would also have to be able to take in input from a controller


So, I found something. Samsung TVs are running Tizen, not Bada, of course. But it seems there were at least plans to develop something like this:
This is pretty old, so maybe they've dropped it. But my TV has a nameless "Quad core cpu", and I can pair bluetooth devices, like my ipega 9025, or keyboard/mouse.