So is the service closed?


I’m wondering if the previous service is still available in any shape or form, i was using it for my business and coming back from a break i just noticed it was shutdown.

Is it still available in any way, for like higher price or offered to businesses, anything like that? Just kinda sad seeing it go, was really good and surprised you guys decided to completely shut it down and go into a different direction, instead of keeping it and going into a different direction :expressionless:


As far as the gaming/consumer service, you are correct that it is closed. However, Enterprise as far as I know is still running for the moment, but I am not 100% certain. Do keep in mind Enterprise is different compared to what was offered for the gaming service in terms of some features (as far as I know)- and as far as rates you would probably have to speak with staff on that. You can check the main website here for more information:


Sounds good. Even if enterprise is different in terms of some of features it still could work for my business, depending on what features changed. I’d like to contact someone from staff to get a short explaination on how enterprise works and possible rates. How do i contact staff, any email?


Not sure as far as email goes- but there should be a form to fill out on the website, if memory serves.


Here you go. Thanks!