So past few days for me was almost impossible to play


These past few days I could not play. I installed Skyrim SE. I was very excited to play. Well I turned on the game and guess what. I cant even do anything ms looks normal 30-60. My mouse wont respond or respond after seconds. As soon as I start to walk in skyrim it walks by itself even when I release W button. And I get blur/lag but not just minor blur/lag, I'm talking - each time I play if i get 5min without lag its very good, but usually lag is so insane that sounds go to s... and video gets blurred and lagged to the point where skycomputer just logs me off. And yesterday when I installed the game I had only about 2-5min of clean gameplay.
Data location - Frankfurt.
Current location - Lithuania.


Have you tried changing the video decoder? That’s usually my problem when I have crazy lag like this.


Yes I tried..............