So the new Monthly subscriptions


I missed the CES presentation. A good fellow gentleman/lady on the subreddit posted this:

A transcription of what was said on the presentation. IF that is the case, I am interested in hearing more about the "Monthly Plans". Specially since they will now be starting at 9.99(as it says right under the name "Monthly Plans")

I'd like to know if there will be new types of monthly subscriptions. A personal wish of mine is a version of the unlimited plan which allows me to only use the newly specified "Gamer" performance package without having to worry about SkyCredits, albeit, for less of the cost of the Unlimited plan we have now.

But if that is not the case, at least I hope and I want to believe they are not scraping the Unlimited plan. That woudln't be good.


Just read they are getting rid of the unlimited plan!:frowning: ugh I don't know if I will stay with liquid sky after this month then.


Yeah I just read that. Doesn't sound too promising now.

Hopefully you can buy a big chunk of skycredits a month.


Yeah, if they do get rid of the Unlimited plan then more or likely I won't be using LiquidSky anymore.

But, you all need to remember not one place have I read that they have officially stated no more Unlimited plan. All I ever see is "Plans starting at $9.99" there could be an Unlimited plan listed in that for $39.99 or so.

It would help if they'd come out and tell us either way tho.


One of the Q&As in their blog at explicitly states that the "upcoming LiquidSky release will not feature an unlimited plan." For better or worse.