So you just decided to delete my sky computer without warning


I had some important save files there

All of a Sudden boom Everything is gone

You really need to get your act together

Don’t f"**** run that erase script Willy nilly

I pay like a million bucks a month to have kids delete my files. This company is a complete disaster even the founder is like 15 can’t even imagine what the board looks like probably a playground like McDonald’s Ball Pool



Please calm down- this was a bug that had affected all datacenters and affected many users, including mods such as myself. It’s not that staff intended for it to happen, but hiccups like this happen on a beta service. Keep in mind that this is a beta service and is subject to the issues that can happen in a beta (no cloud provider is at full release, and I literally mean nobody because no-one has achieved the state where sufficient bugs are squashed and enough features are added to consider it to be full release).

There was no nuke button that staff deliberately pushed, but rather perhaps they were working on something in the backend and Murphy’s Law happened. That is all there is to it- there is no malicious intent involved, nor a lack of competency (if the board really were as you believe it I doubt this company would’ve lasted this long to work on Enterprise projects for big customers [all under NDA as it should be for things of this nature]).

Staff are willing to compensate users for their loss. Unfortunately it can’t reclaim data, but at the very least redownloading your library shouldn’t cost you anything on your end: