Software that may put some pep into your game play!


I cannot do any testing myself as I only had a free account. But I have been meaning to talk about these software’s.
First on my list is cFosSpeed, you buy a lifetime license, while you are only suppose to put it on only one computer I was able to put it on my skycomputer also with no problem cFosSpeed It should help with lag.

eBoostr, Is mainly for computers with low memory, but it may help to put it on your skycomputer. eBoostr, If you decide to buy it you want to get the eBoostr 4.5 Professional Edition as that version has the ram cache that you want.

On Steam you may want to check out CPUCores, and Dimmdrive
Your skycomputer is on a virtual hard drive so any files you can keep in ram should speed it up quit a bit, that is what the eBoostr ram cache does for you it keeps the most used files in ram. I have not used Dimmdrive yet, but I understand you can set up your steam games to use it, so it may be able to help your skycomputer. CPUCores I have not used yet, but it is suppost to get better proformance out of your CPU. May help on your skycomputer.

Controller Companion is another program I got from steam, that I don’t know if it would help. but I thought I would mention it.


Personally a bit dubious of the first piece of software you’ve posted- having something like the Leatrix Latency Fix on your local system should be sufficient- I have yet to see an instance where Leatrix fails to improve connections (combine that with WLan Optimizer which works for some and I don’t really see much of a point in using paid software). Not to discount this software in question but I don’t really see a use in my experience here if you have a free alternative (or alternatives if combining WLan) that works rather reliably.

eBoostr could potentially help, but keep in mind that storage speeds on the skycomputer can achieve SSD speeds- it’s definitely not a slow HDD, only issue is like with peak currently (would be interesting to test but RAM disks have their uses and limitations as with any storage medium).

CC would probably help controller enthusiasts, but even non-Steam games can now be added, though personally being a KB+M guy I don’t use controllers, so I don’t know if non-steam games are supported in Big Picture, so I suppose there’s use.


I been having good results with the frame pacing issues using RTSS and it is free. Solved some huge performance issues for me, especially during peak times.


Cfosspeed was awesome back in the days Windows was really bad in optimizing TCP connections, like the XP days. I don’t find it as useful now as good networking practices go much further in improving connections for me nowadays. But the app was awesome in the day, solving a problem nobody else did.


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