SolidWorks on LiquidSky?


Hi all,

I just signed up for beta, hoping I'll be able to test this myself soon, but in the mean time I'd like to know if anyone has any experience running SolidWorks on LiquidSky, which is what I'm most interested in. If it works smoothly, it'd save me a 4k+ investment in a CAD station, and it'll enable me to run SolidWorks from my Mac (without bootcamp).

I'd also like to know what input devices are supported by LiquidSky. I use a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator with SolidWorks, and I'd like that to work on my SkyComputer as well.



I've tested Inventor(see below if interested) and it works pretty smoothly. Some things to keep in mind is currently the systems are capped at 1080P. We have that same mouse @ work but I don't have one at home. I may borrow it sometime to test, but in the new client coming in ~7-8 weeks, there is expanded support for USB devices.


That's great! I guess Inventor and SW are pretty similar for this sort of thing, so that sounds good. The 1080p cap is a bit low for CAD, but I think I could work with that. I'd expect this limit to be increased in the not too distant future anyway (with all the people wanting to play or work on 4k resolutions).


Yeah, I'm really excited for the 2017 client with expanded USB support + possible higher resolutions. In their press release 4K is shown on a slideshow with the highest end setup but their press briefing only 1080P is shown. Are you in the beta or just signed up?


I just signed up this morning (CET). Guess I'll be waiting for some time :pensive:
I'd also like the higher resolution, even if it'd decrease the FPS (I really don't need more than 30 FPS for CAD), but I understand this would not go down well with the main target audience :grin:


As long as their system allows you to adjust resolution regardless of the performance mode, then I'd be happy. For instance, since we don't need 4K @ 60 FPS we should be fine to run on the mid-tier performance mode for the vast majority of 3D CAD projects. As long as they allow that option, I think it's a perfect solution.


Thank you for sharing the solidworks video