[SOLVED] Stuck on "Checking updates"


Did someone trip over a plug or something? I’ve been on LiquidSky for most of the day with no problems. I go away for dinner, come back, load up LiquidSky and can’t log in. It’s stuck at the “checking updates” screen and keeps insisting that I’m not connected to the internet. What’s going on?

EDIT: I’ve uninstalled the client and am still getting the same bug when I try to reinstall.


I having same problem … this has been an issue on other servers and the developers had to do something …


Im getting the same issue


Sigh… same thing here :frowning:

I like that the client auto-updates, but why is it a requirement that it finds the auto-update servers? Because the android client still seems to work.


I think there tryimg to fix the fast burn rate problems so thave might have shut it down


It should be fixed now (login issue). Please try again
EDIT: The burn rate bug hasn’t been fixed yet


Yeah, it’s working now. Any idea what the cause was?


Keep in mind we mods are not staff, but it was on a vendor’s end that was having issues with regards to login.