Some problems i'd like to report or solve


Hello my name is Joey Rakels. And at first i'd like to say that im very happy to experience Liquidsky it is an amazing app and im sure it will be better at time.

But. Ofcourse im using the beta and ofcourse i too am experiencing some problems.

I am using android tv box called the 'Mini ms8' wich can handle 4k video and is far good enough for liquidsky.

And im using the Steelseries stratus xl as a controller.

Im using liquidsky for gaming. When i start liquidsky and i get to the menu, it all runs smooth.
Then im talking about the reaction time of the input.
When i press the button left or right or up and down or whatever, It reacts immediatly, instant. Like it should.

But now, im opening Steam. I get to the menu. And again, doesnt matter what button i select, it doesn't react immediatly. It reacts like a mini second later.

So i tought, whatever, started a game but ofcourse when it comes to gaming. It shouldn't react a mini second later, especially in a fps or racegame.

The reaction time of the inputs are way too late for it to be playable. If i can solve this, how?

I wanted to see how it will react on the windows itself. But i cannot open and use the windows. Thats a problem too i guess.

Anybody any suggestions or ideas?

Greetz Joey.


Try connecting to a nearby datacenter, so you will have less milliseconds of response, I play shooters, and the truth is that it goes pretty well


I do that already. Live in holland in flevoland close to germany and my server is in Frankfurt.


The ping then i recommend is under 50


But the wierd thing is. These late input reactions are only in steam. Not in the liquidsky menu itself.