Something New is Coming


Noone outside LiquidSky knows any details. :man_shrugging:
They will post updates & announcements on their website though.


I have a question, what to do with the mobile phone when connecting the mouse to the board and playing the Pb game. The mouse does not disappear. Control is difficult.


New launches, where, when, let me know?



Anyone thinking they might announce at CES 2019 starts Wednesday 9 January ends
Saturday 12 January Queensland time Australia


It’s still questionable. We would be getting details only when the official website is updated. Till now nothing more, other than “Something new is coming”.


I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one :joy:. We still have a lot of work to do - remember, we’re building something new!


They just said, that they are going to refund the last month…

what if u bought 1x packages with the credits…

the support isnt answering anything…


Support is probably off duty because of Christmas. Don’t worry, they’ll get to each ticket.


Support is active and replying to people. Did you open more than one support ticket? Have you not heard from support at all?


i just wrote them, but the only answer which i got was like

only the last month will be refunded -.-


So what will happen to the credits that we have been paying for quite a while, but have not used up yet? Will they be migrated to this new service or will we get a refund for all of it or just the last month?


Contact support- but your last payment as far as I know should be compensated as the new service is something entirely different than what was currently offered- there is nothing to port over in a sense.


Liquidsky stuff refund my last purchase and other remaining skycredits. You will get your money back, don’t worry.


I was completely caught by surprise as I do not use LS too often and today -> your account is blocked.

But the good news, Support still replies which is good sign :slight_smile:

Now let’s see how it works to be either reimboursed (which would be cool) or the credits migrated to any new product (which would be acceptable).

Keep you posted :sunglasses:

Addition: There will be NO REIMBURSEMENT fo unused credits if you have paid longer then 90 days, confirmed by mail.

Thus, customer pays, service provider doesn’t provide service and keeps the money… how would anyone call this? :wink:


Anyone knows when is done that liquidsky ? Next year or what hahahaha. No info is stupid info.


I hope LiquidSky don’t end like some other cloud gaming service with chome extension as a client.


I’ve been asking for a refund for my remaining sky credits from support. No response after they told me to get back to them at the 17th.


Its because theres a massive backlog on emails right now. If you haven’t heard from them for a while, send another but that’s it.


Last purchase only if not older then 90 days.