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I also did not receive any refund. My last purchase was in June for 14.99$ . Should I write to support or wait? There was mention of a backlog.
(If I’m not mistaken we were never told when we should expect to receive the refund, only that it will be after the 17th).


You’re joking or what, you’re last purchase should be after November 17th to receive a refund.
no wounder why support taking so long having to deal with this.


and what about the rest of us, people that bought credits 6 or months ago? When is the LS team going to refund all thoes purchases?


Well, first off, I did not write support about this. The only email I wrote support was at the time of announcement when things were not clear. So I am not responsible for backing up support for my funny request. Second, I was not aware of the 90 day limit when inquiring about a refund.

Hey, it’s only about 10 or 12$ worth, no biggie, I guess it’s just the principle of it. I let the credits lie there because I was not a daily user, I only used the service when I wanted to play games I couldn’t play locally. Isn’t that what it’s for? So I was in no hurry to use them, as I could not guess LS is going to shut down its services unilaterally with a 7 day notice, leaving barely enough time to use up all the credits that were left.

Why, if there is a 90 day limit on refunds, we were not given enough of a heads-up of let’s say a month or two so we can use up the credits we paid for, is anybody’s guess. At the end of the day I bought credits and didn’t get to use them. But live and learn, I guess.


I agree with you that it’s not about the 15$ but an issue of trust, in that we made an agreement with the company and then it was revoked unilatrely (not necessarily legally, but morally, i don’t know the legal fine print). Also, as I still have need for cloud gaming, I will have to look for alternatives, because who knows when LS will be back, so this sort of move does not necessarily stir feelings of loyalty to a brand. Maybe it’s like that in the start-up business and we all take the risk. I’m just disappointed that the service is gone along with my now useless credits.


As a reminder, competitor discussion will not be tolerated. You are free to do what you wish as a consumer, but discussing them here is like going to a vegan convention and asking the best way to cook a steak. It’s poor decorum at best, and such policies are not uncommon for even competitors.


Well… I recently wanted to check out Liquidsky again, to see how it developed, seems like you guys are gonna start from scratch again and build something entirely different?

Used the beta service in early 2015 and it was great back then.

How long will it take to be ready or go into new “beta”? :slight_smile: Hopefully not years, that would be too long to keep your existing subscribers :sweat_smile:


Apparently, Ian wants to sell cars now :laughing: jk


I have just arrived back from being away for a few weeks …tried to log in to my account and then the message board. This a really poor way to treat customer no refunds for payments after the 17th ? Taking peoples payments and and then canceling with such short notice is very shabby no apology. I received no email advising of the service shutting down and I received an email on the 28th giving me free credits .


Looks like some of the automated emails were still being sent. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

I’m not sure what you are saying about the refunds. We have been automatically refunding everyone who made a payment in the last 30 days. Beyond that, you’ll have to reach out to customer support.

Lastly, emails were sent prior to closure. According to my records you received and opened it. Maybe you have a filter or something that opens and deletes? Not sure.


Hi Morgan
Thank you for your response. I can confirm that I did not receive any emails. It is also my understanding that gmail does not allow for read or delivery receipts unless this has changed or you have some other method of doing this? Again I appreciate that this change i probably beyond LS control but not to have an apology in your response is disappointing. My last payment left my account on the 2 of December 2018. I have not received a refund. Thanks


The refund should be happening automatically. They haven’t been completed yet, but your December 2nd payment should be handled automatically. The exception to this is if you have a non-refundable payment method. Feel free to open a support ticket to verify - there are some alternatives. If you already have an open ticket, then disregard that - duplicate tickets are causing some issues with our support team right now. You can just reply to your existing ticket if that’s the case.

As far as the email, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Read receipts are different than what email marketing tools offer. Any chance the email was in your spam? It didn’t bounce, so it should be floating around somewhere.


I just found out today that the service had been shut down after trying to sign in and the account was deactivated. I didn’t recieve an email as far as I know, as the last e-mail I recieved was on October 17th 2018. I still have many months worth of skycredits which I haven’t used yet, is it talk of refunds or?


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as much as I am disappointed, the shutdown was not really a surprise tbh. the constant changes in price models, the endless delays of (hardware) upgrades and promised performance improvements (beta 1 had the best experience imo).
I still had more than 12k credits left (I was on the 10USD/month subscription from the early days), but I guess that’s bad luck…


Feel free to message me the email you use for your LS account. The one listed on your forum profile isn’t returning anything in our email system, so if it’s the same - you might not have received the email for some reason.

Yes, we automatically refunded users who made a payment in the last 30 days assuming they had a payment method that could accept refunds. Outside of that, we’re telling users to open a ticket with support and they are handling people on a case-by-case basis. If you already have an open ticket, don’t open a new one - it’ll just slow things down. Support will get back to you if you already submitted.


I’m still using the same email from day one that’s on my profile, z3 etc… Last email I recieved from liquidsky was in October which was about a congress america 2018. Nothing else. Haven’t changed anything on my profile either. I contacted support@liquidsky via email and was requested to come check out this thread. I’m still not sure what I’m suppoused to do? I didn’t recieve any notice and I have almost a full year’s worth of skycredit when I had the 10 dollars a month subscription from 2017. I can’t access the app so I don’t even know how to confirm how many I had.


I’ve asked support to reach back out to you! Feel free to shoot me a PM if you don’t hear from them. Thanks!


Well, heard from support they can refund two of my most recent purchases, which is better than nothing at least. Would’ve loved for it to be more than 1/5th of the worth of my storaged credits :frowning:

Edit: Just got informed they could extend the refund up to 6 months. Don’t know how many of my payments were made during that time though. Hoping for the best :slightly_smiling_face:


How can I update Liquidsky’s latest news via email?