Something New is Coming


That’s how rumors start. :joy:


Sorry :slight_smile:


Lol, or Amazon, or McDonald’s, we’ll see. I only hope I can play Cyberpunk 2077 with the new product, my laptop won’t be able to handle it otherwise. :sweat_smile:



Lol, just kidding!


Cyberpunk 2077 = Purpose :smile:


Hey just make sure you respect the current pricing :slight_smile:


That may be but by giving me 6 days to spend 17,000 points tells me your using my money to fund an entirely different product, one that you will charge someone else for. It’s a bit disengenuious to call that exciting, maybe for you. What in that statement is a positive for me?


On the other hand rumors bring free media coverage…:stuck_out_tongue:


Not everything needs to be always positive for everyone, in order for services like that to take off there will always be unhappy customers and things that don’t always work in your favor


@Frug0 you aren’t seriously defending 6 days notice lol


That’s why they’re refunding. Best contact support, and see what they can do for you. :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, my situation isn’t quite as bad as yours (‘only’ 9k), but this shows absolutely 0 respect to their existing customer base. Good luck in the future, I wish you all the best, and I’ll be sure to never buy from this company again.


I understand Liquid Sky doesn’t have total control over datacenters, but there price to performance ratio was alot better in the early days. Of course I’m talking about the time before the big datacenter upgrades.


Morgan won’t share any details with any of us, I guess he’s under a very strict NDA. But whatever they’ll be doing, they obviously want to start asap, so a longer transition period wouldn’t make sense.


Still annoying for anyone who has hoarded lots of credits, so again: please contact support, and tell them about your situation.


It would though, community goodwill is a hard resource to come by. But as I said, good luck in all your future endeavours without me.


Not even mine, I’m just a fellow user without a cloud gaming pc now. :innocent:

I’d rather see further development, and strong business decisions though, than a service that struggles with all the limitations we see right now. I mean, I spent hundreds of hours on LiquidSky, played and finished games I wouldn’t even have dreamed of playing on my crap laptop (in fact, LiquidSky brought me back into real gaming after a 10 years hiatus).

But as of now, it’s enough to have some idiiot cryptomining or benchmarking on your server node (not even an LS customer), and performance goes down the drain. I hope they find a good solution for that in their new product.


As @Xelasarg said, you can contact support to discuss your personal situation.


You still are going to do gaming, of only enterprise from now on ?


From the official Discord: