Something New is Coming


First of all, sad to see Liquid Sky go (for now), it was my only option for playing system-intensive games. Will have to find another alternative now. But I wish them good luck.

Second, there seems to be some conflicting information. Morgan said above that “sky credits have no monetary value”.
Not sure what than means.

However, I contacted support and they said we will be refunded for any unused credits, here’s a direct quote:

"All users will be refunded their last purchase to compensate for the current SkyCredits they have when our system checks on December 17th. "

So… it seems people with unused credits will be compensated. So unless I’n getting this all wrong, I’m satisfied.
Because credits do have monetary value, we paid money to buy them.


I paid my last subscripction with pay safe.How will you refund me?


Yes! My point being is that there’s no 1:1 conversion on SkyCredit value. Refunds are going out for everyone’s last payment. Beyond that, contact support for assistance.


Well i better start draining my remaining credits :grimacing:


Elite servers = full. :wink:


@NixCro Please contact support for info on that.


Well this sucks. I have amassed 26,500 credits as I very rarely game, but continued to pay monthly. Funny fact, it took 3 months for me to notice my Amazon billing expired (new credit card because of stolen card number) and I didn’t receive an email to fix, so I haven’t been billed since ~May. I have been intending to follow up and see if I could restart my subscription at the grandfathered price.

Guess I will have to look into ■■■■■■ again or other solutions :frowning:

Look forward to seeing where LiquidSky goes in the future.


I’d still recommend you reach out to support.


This is extremely disappointing, I have more than 20.000 credits in here, but what is extremely saddening is that I won’t be able to keep on gaming for the foreseeable future since I don’t own a PC capable of running the games I played in here.I’m sure this is very exciting for you all, and I wish you the best, but I can’t help feeling really disappointed about this. Gaming is an integral part of me and because of this its a sudden halt to it until some other service comes around that is affordable and enticing as this one was.Not to mention a 6 day notice is kind of a shady move, but whatever. How long do you think i´ll be before you launch your next platform?


I understand your frustration. Things are moving very quickly so that we can shift our focus 100% to this new chapter. There’s no public timeline as of yet, but I hope to be able to share more as we go through development.


That is correct on the 1st part. The monetary value, Morgan means after the servers are down then the credits are worth nothing at that point. It doesn’t matter anyways because people are getting refunded now


I am bummed out. LiquidSky was a gaming miracle. It played modern AAA game titles flawlessly. Why even think about buying a gaming PC when you can use LiquidSky? Life without LiquidSky will be full of hardships, times of frustration, and general darkness.

I have 55,604 credits remaining. I bought that amount thinking long term and in support of LiquidSky.

A refund of my “last payment” won’t cover the refund necessary to account for my balance of credits. This makes me very sad.


Send in a support ticket, they’re evaluating on a case by case basis


Yeah, what @dontran726 said - open a support ticket!


Is this all going to vanish as well after the 17th? The message board, the website, everything?

Will it be as if LS never existed? (sorry for being so dramatic)

And will support keep functioning after the closure date? Just in case there are some issues?


The website will be up, but it will reflect the changes in the announcement. The plan is to have a form you can sign up for to stay up-to-date with what’s going on.

For the time being, support and the community will be available. I’ll let you guys know if that changes.


Also, I wanted to clarify this. We are refunding all users for their last payment. Refunds are based on the payment made, not on the SkyCredit balance. That’s all I meant. Hope that helps!


Good luck with whatever product you are making next. LiquidSky was really special to me, it enabled me to play numerous high-end games on my overpriced laptop, and also inspired me to setup a private cloud gaming server when I’m currently living in a country where LiquidSky servers are out of reach. Cloud gaming is really the future and I have so much faith in it.

My last payment was in May, hopefully I’m also covered in the refunds…


Just for the record, all support requests need to be made before the end of the year as per the official announcement.


I’m loving it I see IT Y’ALL thanks…fyi