Something New is Coming


Will it still be on Android


I do not know if I get sad seeing liquid sky go or if I look forward to what is to come, without liquid sky I will be like an orphan. Is there at least some date forecast to launch this whole new thing? Do I have to be without playing for the rest of the year?


Staff aren’t giving out many details in this regard (they do have an internal roadmap but nothing to share publicly at the moment), but when they’re ready they will announce things.

Edit: The website will also be updated to reflect this- signups for notifications on the new service will be available when it is updated.


LiquidSky as service will be unavailable/closed for both Android and Windows.


I know i was saying will the new “liquedsky” still have android service. Aaa i hate having to wate lol i wish thay would give some tipe of hint not just say were closing the app


Can you see if you can get at small tes like the name or somthing small


I hop thay don’t jack up the price of the new serve. Maby the ads will work on this new serve


6 days notice is quite short. Can’t you at least give us until after xmas/new year ? I’m sure no one is working on the new system during the holidays.

Please, give us at least until end of the year.


There may be more to this hiatus than what we know- keep in mind that LS also has some B2B things (with Enterprise).


Please try to post coherently and in one post- regardless of situation, we do not need to clog the forums with spam. Thanks!


Well, whatever happens Liquid Sky deserves credit for bringing cloud gaming back from the dead


Burn rarte I hope was awesome… please And must be NVIDIA UPDATED… WILL BE NICE fyi


I just wonder if this has anything to do with a certain other major Cloud Gaming service. After all within the last week they said they are working on something that will change how we game and LiquidSky just said the same thing.


Some of these sorts of things I would wager is bound to be under NDA- keep in mind that staff would love to let things out, but they will only do so if their partners are ready (as Ian mentioned in the second Q&A). I would only say it’s a coincidence for the time being- as we get closer to the new service launching I’m sure more details would emerge.


I would like to thank the LS team for doing an amazing job. I have come back to gaming thanks to this service. Hopefully there will be some kind of new product. Good luck!


Sorry about my bad english. I don`t understand one moment: talking about “All users will be refunded their LAST purchase”. LAST PURCHASE? Are you joking? I have some about 17000 credits. One of my friend have 65000 credits. We honestly bought this credits and you refund us only LAST PURCHASE? Please, tell me, that i wrong.


Really. Please do so, and see what they’ll tell you. Support is and has always been very helpful in all kinds of matters. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I hope, that they will help us.


I’ll keep my fingers crossed. They seem to be in a great hurry, maybe it’s because things have to be processed and finalized until end of the year? Might be budget reasons or whatever else, I have no idea. But the sooner they shut down the beta, the sooner they can start work on the new product (and the sooner it will be released). I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the re-release, and try to bridge the time until then with more Fortnite and some old classics on my crappy laptop. :wink:


Ofcourse, they have to do so. This will help them to implement and devote full time on the development of new product.
I literally agree to @Xelasarg