Something New is Coming


Sorry, i forgot to ask another one question: if new project of LS team will be about Cloud Gaming, can i migrate my current skycredit balance into new project?


Well, I think it’s 50/50 that to a wild guess regarding cloud gaming.
No, you’ll get refunded for your last payment and SCs will be suspended before the closure.


No, SkyCredits won’t be migrated. As far as we know, it will be a completely new product, despite the fact that the current LS team will be working on it. We don’t even know if it will still be called LiquidSky then. It’s all top secret, and we’re all completely in the dark for now. Must be something real big if they’re so hyped about it, but won’t disclose any information at the same time.


Thanks, guys! I`m incredible sad about closing a project =( I wanted to play so much games. Hope that new LS project will help me with my wishes.


I hope we can still continue installing our own multi-platform games, some other services already come with some pre-installed games and you can not add your own.


et du coups , les serveur ne serons pus accesible quand le 17 ?


Correct, you will be unable to access LiquidSky as of December 17, 2018 5:00 PM (Noon EST on December 17th).


Been using LS for only a few months, and it does work wonderfully for me, I would have never dreamed of playing high-end games on my poor old lap before. Thank you for all your work to bring us this wonderful service. I hope the new product will be even greater than what LS has offered (and I hope at an affordable pricing too :smile: )

It’s too bad that I am now stuck with work so I can’t spend my last SkyCredits :frowning:


Seems as though i’m having onlive flashbacks! this is very sad to me!


You can contact support (as linked above or posted below):

@wkilton Not exactly in the manner of OnLive- staff aren’t going anywhere, but thing of this as if the service were to take a sabbatical. It will be back.


Haha, nope! We’re just going dark to create something bigger and better!


So this is just the caterpillar changing? lol! ok!



I hope it will not take too much time… Goodbye liquidsky, see you soon! I loved this service very much…


You guys really put all the competition to shame. ■■■■■■, ■■■, ■■■■■■ aren’t close to what you currently have <3


Though the compliment to staff is appreciated, let’s try to keep this LS focused please. Also a PSA to anyone who is considering it: Please do not advertise competitors.


Hello, does it mean that I will get a refund for Prestige+ subscription? I purchased Prestige+ subscription on 12.10.2018 and I still have more than 100 000 skycredits.


Looks like that was your last purchase, so you should be automatically refunded after Dec 17th.


Could you please reveal us if liquidsky will be available soon? Will new product be different or it will be some major upgrade?


We aren’t ready to announce anything just yet!