Something New is Coming


All this hype feels that it would be worth waiting for the upcoming launch.
Surprise! Surprise! :crossed_fingers:


Is the new thing will require good internet to work


That’s a loaded question! I can’t reveal any details right now. :slight_smile:


@liquidskymorgan I’m curious: do you know what’s going on? Or are you just unaware of everything like all of us?


He is a staff member, so as far as I know he has more knowledge than we users know at this time; even we moderators are little more than users at times. In this case we know no more than you guys do as far as the email.


I have the knowledge! Yes, all of my comments are based on what I know and how the staff feels about everything going on. In summary, we’re super psyched and we all can’t wait. :slight_smile:


I hate you :unamused::joy:


FWIW, I contacted support asking what could be done about my 73,000+ credits, and they just told me to contact them again after Dec. 17. I really hope they do right by me (and others in a similar situation).

I stopped my subscription back in May/June when they changed their subscription model, which did not align with what I had originally signed up for. I was a paying subscriber for 2 years, with my first payment in mid-2016 (pre-dating the use of Xsolla). I’m anxious to see what kind of response I’ll get after Dec. 17 regarding my $300+ worth of credits.


So you reveal the new product on December 17th or we are gonna wait more


The new product won’t be anytime soon unfortunately- but the website will be updated with a sign-up for people to get notifications when possible. I assume that as staff move closer to the relaunch, more news will follow.


Might be due to when the servers shut-down, and perhaps then they might consider in some cases; since there is still some time for users to utilize their balances.


I am currently on a one time purchase and i have around 10k sky credits. Will i get a refund


You will need to contact support, as linked above, but you should.


Will I lose my 2000+ sky credits?


Yes, figure that what we come out with will be an entirely new product.


Man, I hope it’s something similar to OnLive!

Anyways, thanks for the info, Morgan. :+1:

Take care.


What date should I be expecting this new update to occur?


There will be a signup on the website- no word as to specifically when this new service will come out.


If I paid the one time payment package during Black Friday and using the promotion code and still have more than 1000 skycredits left I can be refunded or the only way will be to burn everything before the 17th?


I only want to know one thing.I am planing to buy a gaming pc.Should i buy one or wait for the new product ?Can I play games on it like I did on Liquidsky ?