Something New is Coming


Will the new product be announced on the 17th.


The choice is yours- but you can reach out to support- they will handle each case individually.


Unfortunately not- staff have their own internal timeline but nothing to announce just yet. The website will be updated with an email signup for more news. I would wager more information will surface when staff are closer to relaunch.


The choice is up to you- the new service would be nothing like it is now; hopefully for the better.


with Verizon partnership,i think will be better and expensive,yeah its a choice that i will think twice,person like me a casual gamer it will be to expensive , i hope that all the games that can’t be play it,it will be in this new service like street fighter,bought it a year ago and still can’ t run


I have a feeling I might know what will be in future for liquid sky and if my theory is correct this will be an amazing step towards streaming and much better gaming experience. Kinda sad the beta is ending and then having to wait x amount of time for the new service but I’m really looking forward to it!


Potential is great for the new company (liquidsky) but as a gamer who happily uses this service with my Android. I will be very bored inThe upcoming months or year’s.
Very thankful for getting to use this for Android gaming. Ultra graphics on my z2 force!!! Incredible


So, how will I get a refund?

Plus, will you guys keep us posted for upcoming “interesting thing” ?


You will have to contact support for a refund (link above).

The website will be update with an email signup- I’m sure as the new service reaches close to release there will be more news then.


What about people who still have credit (but no subscription) ? i had put a ticket in and had no responce


If you have recently sent in the ticket, you will have to wait a bit. Support isn’t in yet, but will be soon and should address your ticket later.


Just another Onlive I guss… but thank you for bring us this experimental experience.


Not quite like OnLive- the company isn’t going anywhere or shutting down fully. As it stands the current service will end, but they are working on a new service.


Well, I expected it to happen sooner or later, but I did not expect it to happen so quickly, right before the Christmas holidays. Honestly, LiquidSky lost ground over the last year, since spring 2018. Control lags-delays (mouse) and picture degradation. From 22Mb/s 1080/60 fps to 12-13 Mb/s 1080/30 fps for me. Not cool. And the system with Credits has already outlived its usefulness. I have been using other cloud services with unlimited access for several months now, and LiquidSky have been using it as a VPN service and ~500 GB cloud storage for $10. :wink:
Thanks to the LiquidSky team for the service! In 2015, you discovered for me a feature like a cloud computer. I came to you after OnLive.
Since 2015, I have been buying a lot of new AAA games to play in the cloud. Publishers and game developers owe you money for their new customers. GTA V, The Division, Ghost Recon: Wildland, Assasin’s Creed Series, Battlefield 3-4-1, WatchDogs 1-2, Doom and many others. I have a little more than 4,300 SkyCredits left. I no have time to spend them, but I will not worry about their loss.
Probably, make a break of work service is a sensible idea for switching to new path company. Good luck LiquidSky team with a new project! I hope you notify subscribers about the news of your project?
One question remained - is it necessary to cancel a monthly subscription to Paypal (for me, the 2x-th day of the month), or is it canceled by itself?


The website will be updated with an email signup- once the new product is closer to release I’d wager they would let more information out.

As far as I know the subscription should automatically cancel- but it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to support here:

Refunds will be processed once the service closes tomorrow at Noon EST.


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Okay; So this is a new, entirely different thing, that’s great. LS beta is shutting down, you guys are working on a new thing that isn’t LS, it works differently and since it isn’t LS “there is nothing to rollover.”. Sorry to all the users with any amount of saved up credits.

So then is this new and entirely different thing going to be handed out for free? Or are these users who paid for LS going to be compensated equivalently for their (otherwise now entirely useless) credits?

Because the answer to that is going to be the answer to whether or not myself (and certainly others) will spend another dollar on this business.


If you read the first post by Morgan, you may contact support for a full refund of all credits- which will be done after the datacenters shut down tomorrow at noon Eastern Standard time.

The new service will be completely different to what is currently offered- nothing can transfer over.


that’s sad :frowning:


hey why not unlimited sky till shut down as a gift u know for every ones support