Something New is Coming


For the remaining few hours, the service is unlimited for anyone who has a handful of credits left. :wink:


How to contact suppott?



How recent is recently purchased?


Can we play unlimited for few hours ?


No. But it will be impossible to burn more than a few hundred credits in the remaining few hours, so it’s basically the same (unlimited doesn’t mean, and meant, free :slightly_smiling_face:)


SO if I have 29 credits left and going online now - they dont get burned? Thats what you mean with unlimited


Nooo! :sweat_smile:
I meant that 1000 credits are almost as good as unlimited, because you won’t be able to burn all of them anyway in the remaining time.
Of course, they’ll still tick down. Seems I forgot the /irony/ tag… :wink:


So, I just launched the LS client, and I got a message telling me that my account was “Deactivated of flagged”, which I’m guessing means they officially shut down the servers. Is anybody else getting that? And what should I do? Contact support for that refund, or just wait?


Contact support, especially if you have accumulated skycredits that are more than your most recent purchase. For those staff will work one-on one for refunds.


Yes, you just described my situation pefectly. I sent them a message 2-3 days ago, and they told me to contact them again on the 17th. I’ll just do that right now :smile:


Servers have started coming down. If you can’t access LS, that’s why.


ahhh :smiley: Got it! So see you guys on the next BIG CHANGE


so After update i get my account back and 3000 skycredits + subcription! right?


Why are the servers down? How long are they down?

I just tried to log in and saw “my account has been deactivated/flagged”


@Fr3kerz haha, did you read the thread? The service is being shut down for us to create a new product. New new new (which means nothing from the old platform is rolling over).

@depauwm03 Read the thread next time! We’ve shut down service while we create a new product. Read the very first post on this thread.



The refunds will be processed once all the user accounts have been deactivated.

Please do not send multiple email tickets if we have not answered yet your initial email, we will get to you once we get to your email. No need to send multiple tickets, it just makes it a longer process for us.

Thanks in advance.


Buy I have bought lots of credits, will I get my money back?


When will the service be back online?


Right now, your last payment should be refunded. Refunds have just started, so if there’s any issue, please reach out to the support team.

We have not announced when our new product will be finished. LiquidSky 2.0 (current version) will not resume service.