Something New is Coming


will the new product allow me to play games on a low end laptop? like 2.0?


As this is all i am looking for out of liquid sky


It will utilize streaming and gaming. That’s all I can say about it at this time!


if i dont have access to a powerful machine - In fact i only have a flapjack - will I still be able to use the service?


Flapjack meaning terrible computer


As Morgan has mentioned, this is all he can say at this time. The website will be updated with an email signup for updates, probably when the new service is closer to release.


I absolutely want to get refunded for my sky credits, I payed good money for the usage of a service I can not use anymore which in the end is my good right.


Kindly, contact support for the refund.
Since, it’s been started now and soon your money would also be refunded.You just need to keep patience.:wink:
For further information, contact support and they’ll guide you for the rest.


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Hey Guys,

All the email tickets that you have sent for refunds are already on hold but are still open and we are just waiting for the system refunds for the purchases made in the last 30 days before we evaulaute your accounts.

Please as much as possible, if you have already sent out a ticket asking for a refund there is no need to make a new ticket if we have not responded to your original ticket that we will be evaluating your account.


How recently did the purchase have to be for me to get my money refunded?


You will have to contact support, as noted above. Staff cannot publicly comment on individual cases.


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Have used liquidsky is it good ?


Will this completely new Liquidsky have data centres in australia lol? or is the different part apply only to LS itself or will you guys let other people use it who are so far out of reach?


is there anybody who can say when this new service wil be online because LS is my only way to play games and its sad that i can’t play anymore


As of this time we have no timeline yet when we will be back to offer our new service.

Please do check our website from time to time since we will be updating it so users can signup to receive newsletter/updates regarding the new service.


How can I submit a support ticket? the link from the knowledgebase opens the title webpage with Gamers - something big is coming.



and when will the service work again? Do you have an estimated or approximate date?