Somthing Verry Starange! INFO


I signed up to beta key competition on the 18th of January and
Did all of the stuff!
At first it said I had 2 days left which is correct because my email
Says entry's end on the 20th January 12:00am US Pac Time!

But when I completed all of the tasks,
It said it had 9 days left!

Same thing happens to my brother!
I waited till the next day to see if it was just a glitch but it said 8 days left!

Today I just checked a minute ago and it says it has 6 days left!
But it says on the email that the entry's end on the 20th and will email
People who won after they close the entry's!

Is the competition still going on or have I just messed around with my
Acounts and details for nothing! I don't mind if I lost properly
but if I didn't have a Fair chance like everyone els had then my entry was for nothing because it had not gone through!

It's very strange!

Is anyone els here had the same thing ether now or in past liquid sky competitions?

Does anybody know what's going on.



Hello, I think they changed it. I have also 6 days left


You'd think they'll email or publicly announce if there was
A few extra days for the beta keys competition!

Do you think they made a mistake?
Because the only thing that mentioned
when it was over was the 2days Left thing
and the announcement email that said it was closed on Friday!
But they said that there was going to be a surprise on a Friday
And would make sense if that's when the competitions was over then and the keys were sent!


Actually this draw was about to take place on 20th only.
They also planned to giveaway few keys after their AWA with CEO. But I don't know why but they merged both of the draw and surprise giveaway as one.
Result: draw time extended and people disappointed cause they canceled the loot giveaway.


Ah! Right!
Now I understand! ...(I think)
There was the 500 beta keys competition
and also a surprise public beta keys giveaway after the AMA!

But if they were going to free up 500 keys on the competition ASWELL
as some extra surprise keys (say 50-100),
When they'd merged the 2 to together, shouldn't they have also merged the remaining beta keys from the surprise!

Like 550-600 keys in the competition
(if the surprise on Friday was going to be 50-100 beta keys giveaway!)

I'm more pissed that there's less of a chance now that they've increased the days with more people signing up, than having a
second chance with the Surprise (Without Including the Suprise keys)!

Am I Right, Or Have I Got Somthing Wrong!


You area right bro.
And am pissed too. I think they have cancelled the public giveaway due to some reason but this really annoyed a large number of their consumers. They shouldn't have promised something that they are not delivering.


Hmm! I wonder what reason they had to do somthing like that without
Properly announcing it or just even apologising instead of coming out
With ....

It just seems strange and not like liquid sky!
Normally there a bit more reasonably understanding and
Friendly to stuff like this (Especially From Ian)
and we've all heard nothing from them since! :confused:

Do you think it's somthing someone said or came across at the AMA?
Because he was gone for an hour or so before he was supposed to
Leave at 6pm At The AMA!
That was round about when people were going on about the surprise!


Hey Everyone!

As stated, our #LiquidSurprise was our Beta Key Giveaway and was always intended to be arranged for the assigned dates. Originally, no beta keys were intended to be given out until late April or longer, so this was quite a surprise for our users who are dying to get in to LiquidSky! ;D

However if we were to extend the dates of the giveaway, a public announcement would be made as we value open communication with our users and we simply want to give everyone a chance to experience Cloud Gaming with LiquidSky.

We also never explicitly stated we would hand out Beta Keys throughout our AMA, however if a formal announcement can be found explicitly stating this, I would ensure it was upheld and hand out the specified amount of beta keys promised.

I am extremely happy that we are giving our users one last chance to obtain Beta Keys and experience LiquidSky, so I know exactly how you guys are feeling right now :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best of luck in our giveaway and hope to see you in the Sky soon!~


Right! I think that explains everything! Thanks for clearing it up,
But I think you kind of missed read somthing said earlier.

You mentioned that the dates were never messed with? (Am I right I think?)
The announcement was made on Facebook about the competition
Days before Friday and a Suprise was announced at a few places
including the AMA
That it was going to be Friday After the AMA!

What is being discussed here is that there was 2 days
Left in the competition before Friday (which what you said would make sense
About it being a Friday Suprise),
But changed to 9 days on that same day! you said the Friday Suprise was the compitition?

It dosnt make sense why Liquid sky said Friday when it was round Monday Wednesday it was already announced to sign up!

People got told there was going to be a Suprise after the AMA and that should of been the end and giveaway of the competition!
(If anything! Even though that's not at all a Suprise!)

That's why people are thinking there was a public giveaway, because it
Said beta keys all over Facebook for Friday and it can't be the compitition because that had already been announced then!


Hey Sonik!

Let me see if I can take a crack at clearing this up for you :slight_smile:

As stated, the original intended dates were the ones launched on Friday with the public release of the giveaway. Any dates released before that were due to e-mail users receiving links ahead of time to register. If you received the Giveaway in advance and were giving early access to sign up, you may have seen another date, but the date was not intended.

It would have been unfair, if only a select list of users who were able to sign up ahead of time due to e-mail, were the only users allowed to compete in the giveaway.

We aim to allow all of our community to participate in the giveaway, which is why we always intended to publicly announce our giveaway on Friday, so users could sign up.

However on that note, the giveaway was never intended to be released and end within the same hours/day of release on Friday.

Hope that clear things up for you.

TLDR: If you were able to sign up early through an E-mail, you were lucky enough to get early registration and know about the surprise ahead of time. However, the contest was intended to be for everybody and go on until 1/27/17 :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck in our giveaway and hope to see you in the Sky soon!~

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me and I'd be glad to assist you.


AH! Right! That makes PERFECT Sense!
So Basicly It was a small mistake on dates before the Fryday Announcement!
It was posted on Facebook before Fryday for a small amount of people to
Sign up but it really was made Official every where els on Fryday to give more
People a chance!

I think that should have been made a little bit more clearer on Fryday because
A lot of people here already knew about it being on Facebook and signed up!
And the dates on the email clearly stated the compitition ends on the 20th
12:00am Us / CA!

That's why a lot of are angry!

Here is the email stating the dates that almost all people here got round mon-wed:

So it sounds like a big confusing misunderstanding on both parts!

I think you have answered a lot of people's anger there but I think it needs to
Be announced Officialy explaining other than here!
A lot of people are very upset!

Thank you for clearing it up a bit!

If anyone here has got anything to question this problem,
Or found anything mistaking on this, here is the topic to say at the moment!

...btw I meant to say email, not Facebook! Lol :blush:


Thanks Sonik!

I was glad to answer your questions and help clear things up.

We will look towards making an official announcement soon for any other users experiencing the same frustrations :slight_smile:

Happy Gaming and See You in the Sky!


No problem! I've posted the email picture with the dates in case you need it!

Thanks You



Sorry for double post,
But when is the official announcement being made?