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Hi Guys

I'm pretty excited to see this kind of technology coming out in a solid form. As we all know, the biggest dependency is on the Internet connection.

Now I'm hoping to be able to test this functionality from South Africa to see how it performs. I'm able to get 1080p Netflix consistently so I'm optimistic.

What I'm not sure of is, if this would be available in South Africa?

We have some great data centers out here too and plenty of back-haul bandwidth thanks to the 2010 World Cup even if our last mile is often a challenge.

Any info would be appreciated :smiley:


LiquidSky uses SoftLayer's data center, which unfortunately do not have any servers in South Africa, let alone in Africa. As good as I know the internet there can be, the distance is simply too far to have a decent latency to the closest servers located in Brazil, Europe and Australia. They plan to piggyback through other companies' servers one day but that is a long term goal as their immediate plan is to get a strong support in the servers they already have available and then to open up more servers on SoftLayer's data centers since they're their direct partners.


Hi Jimmy

Thanks for the reply.

I'll eagerly await the day that this could possibly happen so if you hear of anything then please keep me in mind.

If you or your partner need any introductions here in South Africa please also keep me in mind, I have many contacts in the IT industry and can point you in the right direction. Been in IT project management here for over 10 years.

Kind Regards,



I'm just a user. I wanna clarify that. But sure I'll make sure to let ya know.


Thanks for clarifying!