Sry but Xsolla is worst of this complete Service


I love this service,

just reached yesterday a email from liquidsky with 50 % discount for my first purchase. Now I losed the promotion code thanks xsolla.

But at first.
Bought yesterday the Beginner Package for 14,99 $ with the 50 % discount, checkout with Paypal payed 8,39 € inc. VAT 19 % and Xsolla just saied they cannot continued the process because my balance are 6,80 €. WTF I transfered 8,39 € to this service were are the rest of this transaction. Now Iam waiting for support, still hope that will be fixed from xsolla.

Got somebody this problem to?


Was it through LS support?

Support business hours are over today, so you should hear a reply back tomorrow at the latest.


No I was through the xsolla support. Should I write to the ls support to?


LiquidSky support probably can’t do much, because Xsolla are handling all the payments. You can open a support ticket under nonetheless, but I’d suggest you keep bugging Xsolla.
It looks like a VAT issue, because 8.3 9€ - 19% = 6,80 €.