StarCitizen Clicks Cause Camera to Spin



Have been trying to play StarCitizen on Elite/Pro. With the optimizations in the last few releases, the game seems to load okay and I didn’t have any problems flying around etc. The biggest issue I have been having is that on some screens, the character customization and the star map, when you click it seems to be generating mouse motions as it makes the object on the screen rotate. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated as this issue prevents you from easily flying anywhere, the motion makes it impossible to click/double-click destinations on the starmap as they appear to be trying to rotate away from the click.

#2 <- this shows the issue I am seeing


Did you enable/disable gamer mouse mode?
Have you tried the alt-tab workaround? Like alt tabbing, running chrome in background then press F12 when your game launches then alt-tab back into the game?


Tried gamer mode/not and alt tabbing out switching to chrome and hitting f-12 and then jumping back in. None of those seem to make a difference.


Try connecting a controller and then play the game with the mouse and keyboard. If that doesn’t work you will have to try reinstalling the game. Otherwise I’m out of options to think of, sorry.


Hmmm, this is the 2nd install I have seen this with. Weirdly switching back and forth repeatedly will randomly let me click sometimes. It is just really fiddly.


Did you try those 2 suggestions I said above, did those work?