Starwars Battlefront + speed test with 2GBPS+ on Liquidsky 2.0 (competition)


^ This is a short clip i uploaded of star wars battlefront ON ULTRA SETTINGS and i was getting 60fps + on the gamer plan 1080p. Sorry about the low bitrate however the frame rate is fine

^ I also tried promoting Liquidsky by conveying the crazy internet speed that comes within this lovely program, All titles include liquidsky so i hope i can earn a few skycredits as i dont have much and i love to keep promoting liquidsky for the future to help out the community

Also go to 1:50 to check out the insane 2GBPS download speed!


Hey Arad,

No better way to get some points in the competition, than with Darth Vader himself! :wink:

Awesome clip, looking forward to seeing more!


Winners have been finalized and polls are open!