'State of the Sky' Address Tomorrow! Speculations?


Hi,it's time to speculate on tomorrow's event! Anyone who missed the newsletter, well just go here to see it http://view.sf-email.liquidsky.tv/?qs=b71c91d343b037b1ac82d6ce7343398ea28b80e52702405bb65129a504c195627a4b394533016a4ed02046f37416c32e52d646026a9a2e4d87631c62f36ad732
It is at 5PM EST so don't miss out! Now let's speculate...

I think the Dallas server is done upgrading after being down for like 1-2 weeks and they will finally let the NDA people in to have the first look.


The big news does not stop :scream:

Yes, it must have relation with new servers and some look at the new interface in more detailed form.


Yea I think it screams NDA feature. It would make sense since the 15th is half-way to March and if they keep waiting then they will not have very much testing time left if they don't start testing now.


I speculate that they'll give out free beta keys and I'll miss out because I'm at work and can't watch :disappointed_relieved: