Stay tuned for a Special Surprise This Week!


Tune in Friday, 1/20/17 and Find Out What LiquidSky Has In Store!

We've heard from you guys, the community and our thousands of fans all across the world and in honor of our Success at CES 2017, We have decided to release one last special surprise!

So what's all the hype about? Find out on Friday, 1/20/17 and tune into to all of our social pages below!





Snapchat: @liquidskysoft

You are not going to want to miss this!

Can you guess what it is??



Just a guess...from the image that they will perhaps announce and release the new plans and kill the beta so all can get in.


Or probably just release a bunch of beta keys to silence all the key spam on the forums. But I do hope it's the former one. fingers crossed


There is also going to be a Q&A on Friday.


Maybe this is a CES success beta keys for stun the beta key forums.


Be nice to get a beta key :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to testing this service to see uts potencial


But I think it will be due to something else, or rather shop. It would be foolish to miss the opportunity to collect money, if people are willing to pay for a 3 hour test. But it can not be called a surprise. I think there is something free.
I still choose what it will be yet another record to test the new system.


I agree with @Alekcan. This is a good opertunity to raise some money with testing. If people are willing to spend the money why not? I think it will lighten the load of the indviduals that really want to test it out vs the ones who will wait it out until March.


Kappa HYPPPEEE I guess it is more DATA CENTERS <3


i hope i can get a key this friday because my pc sucks its 2 GB rams
plz god make it happen
btw i there anyway that i can get a free skycredits or free trial ???


i'm hoping to get into the beta so bad :smiley: i'm so excited for this platform! I have a library of over 270 games to try out but I recently lost my gaming PC :cry: 1 like 1 prayer


Alpha test?

Alpha test?


okaaaaaaaaaaaaay i will wait and see


Is there a scheduled time for the announcement? That will help us prepare to wait either on Jan 20 or 21 depending on our timezones!


yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :slight_smile: whatever it is im gonna be happy :slight_smile:


This sure seems like an awesome development. I'd really like to get in on this. This cloud gaming if it works here will truly be a game changer. I'm hoping for a beta key but more so for the real system to launch! :grinning:


i want to subscribe, but i cant, why? :confused:


new users are stopped atm...


Right now the only way to get a Beta Key is to enter the 500 Beta Keys Give Away contest.

You can try luck in the following link: