STEAM Adding NEW APP to stream games from PHONES/TVS!


Not sure how this will affect liquidsky in general but looks like Steam is officially adding streaming options to play your steam games from anywhere with any device.

I am really excited for this! Anyone else?


But does the game run on you’re computer when you start it through Steam Link or is it all via app where you can play you’re steam games without having to start the game on the pc


Wont know until May 23 2018 when the apps get released but I would assume they will run on your PC like gamestream and moonlight does.

Good question :}


Its basically a mobile app for Steam Link. If thats the case, the PC would need to be on (running) and the PC would need to have a beefy GPU to back that up.

Its not going to affect LS in anyway.


Bring on the unlimited plans!! My hopes is that LiquidSky will be able to use this feature even with the current gpu its using and finally use it on my iphone/ios.


To my knowledge in order for Steam Link to work you’d need to be on the same network… Not sure how this would work with LS sadly. Not to say that it can’t but that’s a major thing to workaround.


Yep. Steam Link app for android would need to have official support added for remote streaming for it the new app to be interesting or useful.

Steams In Home Streaming is for PC gamers who want to stream their PC games into the living room. Steam Link is pretty well locked down to Steam and can not be used for anything else.

I bought SATV as streamer box and am amazed at how well Liquidsky can bring windows desktop and all my steam games, remotely via VM in the cloud.

I sold my more than vr ready gaming rig, because i now see gaming
spec PCs as overrated and overly expensive in comparison.

Valve seem to be playing around with their own proprietary walled garden and I know for sure Steam In Home Streaming and Steam Link totally suck compared to gamestream and Shield TV.

Absolutely nothing holding back Valve from deploying their own GRID powered remote streaming from VM service and it is well known that Valve heavily collaborate with Nvidia, like with another cloud gaming service and other major nvidia gaming projects.


Steam Link depends on local gaming spec PC,

Liquidsky just caused me to unplug and sell my pc. I see apps like Liquidsky running on SATV as a replacement for pc and removes the need to own pgaming spec pc hardware to enjoy pc gaining

Steam Link app for android makes very little sense, I think they are flogging a dead horse. Valve have left Steam Link on back burner for far too long and most folks have lost all interest because they found other (better) options.

The current state of Steam client needs far more immediate attention, the input issues are game breakers and Valve really need to find a way to provide pc gamers a way to enjoy pc without interfering as much.

Since Valve announced Steam Machines in 2012 steam for windows has drastricly went down hill. I would give anything for the bug free gaming experience I saw back in 2012 compared to the bloated packed with features I never use resource hogger that is Steam client today.

Valve need to provide a vanilla steam client, simple library, launcher and store, Or something

I like the look and feel of many other gaming clients and really do feel Steam has become a bloated mess of useless features that I have absolutely no need or want for.

The input related issues in Steam client has undeniably affected my ability to use Liquidsky


I suspect all the android app is going to do is allow use of your android device as remote conte control and/or controller.

This has been a part of steam client, but never officially implemented since c. 2013

Which is not what is described in article linked too in op
I find running pc games at 1080p on 7" tablet screen unusable for most pc games. Adding steam link app to android for phone users makes absolutely no sense at all to me, so big “meh”

from me on this news on new steam link apps

Valve severely need to spend time fixing input issues in steam client

Steam Input is awesome, when it works.


I kinda already had an idea that it would heavily rely on what type of PC rig you have in order to use this steam feature and right now my main gripe with LiquidSky is lack of IOS support leaving me stuck with moonlight.
The other is, LiquidSky not having a gamestream support option either and I was really hoping this Steam app would fix that…
For now I use my Shield tablet/box and I freaking love them and how reliable and easy it is to just stream and play games from anywhere. Moonlight is meh…
With LiquidSky possibly having unlimited plans all I really need at this point in my life is unlimited data plan and my life would be complete :}
I am still going to check the app out when it does come out but Steam really needs to step their game up.


I tried installing GFE to skycomputer to setup gamestream but let’s just say I do not have the skill set to make it work.

Installing GFE to a quadro powered VM provided by another company allows gamestream to work near flawlessly (there are resolution related issues and limitations) after upgrading to 131.33 quadro drivers for win server 2016.

This proves streaming windows mouse cursor works very well when remote streaming steam games and windows desktop.

Using windows mouse cursor fixes vast majority of input issues I see in skycomputer, which forces virtual android mouse cursor into windows desktop and hides windows mouse cursor.

Hopefully the new steam link android app will also prove to LS devs that we just need to use windows mouse cursor in windows when using android devices and really think gamestream on SHIELD devices is all the evidence they need to realise they need to change a lot of things in LS android client

I think what LS team have achieved is remarkable achievement for such a small company. Nvidia and Valve are famous for their collaboration with small and large companies and really think LS service could benefit if LS devs reached out more to both Nvidia and Valve.

Gamestream just like LiquidSky is powered by GRID technologies


That would be noice, but it can only link thru WiFi of the PC.


There is BLTE update in latest SC firmware update which you get notified of when using latest steam client beta which let’s SC work in lizard mode when paired and connected to mobile class hardware with appropriate BT support.

But SC needs Steam Link App for Steam Input to apply guest account for proper big picture or desktop bindings so you can log in to steam using left stick click for osk etc

Still very much wip and I have not tried upgrading SC firmware to latest available yet


In case some of you may not know, you can use Hamachi VPN and stream from Liquidsky to your PC over the internet. I dont see why this couldnt work with this Steam Link app getting released soon.

Off top I just bought an Acer switch 3 and can finally use LiquidSky while im not at home, so far im kinda liking it… How do you guys play while on the go?


It wont affect liquidsky at all, this steam thing requires people to have a gaming computer. which 99.9% of the people that are here don’t, and are using LS because they don’t.


I recently used it for my steam controller on my sky computer using steamlink app on my galaxy s8. It was really responsive rather than virtualhere USB latency but then after ten or so minutes liquidsky goes offline because I had to stream liquidsky within the steam link app in order to workwork. Honestly I don’t know how valve does it but; but it streams my liquid sky computer better than liquid sky! O.O


I am sure you could get steam link to work with liquidsky. It would be a bit messy and you would need a router where you can customize your rules and configure for VPN use(either TAP or something like Zerotier). I think this might affect liquidsky a little bit because remember there are pay as you go users that use it mainly for being on the road with their portable devices. Their home computer could fill that role if that is their use case.


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