Steam Friends & Family with Liquid Sky?


A friend and I have shared our steam library via friends and family which works great, however you need to register to each computer you want to use accounts on. So for example for me to use his account I needed to get him to login to my laptop, and authorise this computer, and then from then on I can use his library and it all works fine (well assuming that he is not playing anything himself).

Now that I am on liquid sky I was going to go play one of the games that is shared however it mentioned I need to authorise this computer. Now he is happy enough to authorise my liquid sky instance to access his account but I was wondering if it would even work. As isnt it technically a new computer every time it boots up the system or would it be possible for me to authorise it once and steam will just remember it as being authorised?

Anyone else set this up or have any advice on the subject?


I think it should be alright now, i think you basically "own" your instance which you always connect to, so it should be okay. If you´re still unsure then just turn it on and off and you´ll see :slight_smile:


when you create a lquidsky computer this means that you allocated your own PC on cloud :stuck_out_tongue: works with team viewer too.


It is your Operating System with identical active partition. Which computer is it, where it is today, where it was tomorrow is not important in the cloud. Thats just hardware.


I only ask this as I also put google drive on there as I use that to share my game saves between computers and that keeps asking for passwords even when I tell it to remember and always seems to think its a different PC when used as I get an email telling me a different PC accessed my account.

Steam however automatically logs on and just works so I was hoping that it would be as easy as you mention. Will give it a try tomorrow and report back for others.


google drive gives you a mapped network drive, this maybe the issue with logging out when virtual machine restarts on a different server.

I like dropbox better as it doesn't mess with my files. Once I uploaded some documents to google drive and it transformed them into a different type of format.


Yeah I do prefer Dropbox, just Google was cheaper and has photo integration, I do have Dropbox but some game save files are pretty large and I could see myself running out of room.