Steam Link with LS


I know there has been some discussion on Reddit regarding Steam Link... Has anyone gotten it to work? I know some people mentioned using a Hamachi to get it working with VPN. Would be really sweet to get this since I have a mac and playing some big screen windows games would be very nice.


I would LOVE to use my steamlink with liquid sky too, I currently use my steamlink + PS4 pad most of the time and it is a great gaming experience, being able to remove my laptop and just run directly from LS with the enhanced PS4 controller support would be magical.


HELLO, right I have had some major progress in this area but a major problem to so could do with some official advice from the LiquidSky people.

So as steam streaming basically just takes your active steam bootstrapped game and displays it on screen you can technically launch LiquidSky as a non-steam app through steam, then within there go and load up whatever game you want. I have done that and I used Rocket League as an example and I got the game streaming from LS -> Laptop -> Steam Link and it all looked fine.

HOWEVER the major problem I hit was the input was just nonsense, so I was using my wireless PS4 pad which is paired with the steam link, and was using that to try and control Rocket League but the buttons were not working. Some buttons did do random things, like I think LT worked, and R2 seemed to be the A button, but analogue sticks wouldnt work nor directional pad.

So can anyone offer any more advice on how LS handles input and if there is a way to get LS to pick up on the input from a controller via the steam link? I was thinking of possibly trying to use the controller as if it were a keyboard and mouse via the steam link controller profiles but its a lot of work there for each game.


Hmm I know the PS4 controller has had some issues depending on which version of the controller you're using. Would be interested to know if it's an issue you have without LS.

Also, any sort of instructions or tips to get steam link working with LS? Still waiting on my link to show...


The Ps4 pad (v2) works fine in steam without any fuss, I think I used it in LS on the pc but it seemed to default some buttons which I couldn't change, nowhere near as bad as this though.

If you have another controller type to try load u steam on a device the Steam link is linked to. Go to the top menus and do Add Non Steam Game, give it the exe for liquid sky.

Once at this point load the steam link and stream from the computer you have just added LS on and go through the steam link and open liquid sky and login and load up your system. Then you should be able to run whatever you want in LS and have it running on your steam link, let me know how you get on with another type of controller.


Brilliant little way to hack steam that one. One of the issues is probably that you're basically controlling the entire GUI with the controller. I've also read a few places some issues here and there with the v2 PS4 controller maps in various games. Think it's just going to take a lot of fiddling especially since you're telling steam to control an entire OS in an app then going into steam in that app.

Thought you had managed to get the steam in ls directly linked with the link, but will give the hacky method a shot when mine shows.


Unfortunately the steam link requires a pc with steam on the network, you could try and setup a VPN on your router if it supports it and setup hamatchi or some other VPN client on the LS client and then trick the steamlink into streaming from that, but you would still need another PC to start up LS so the steam client is running. So it is very complicated to get it running, although there was talk about the SteamLink SDK being available and LS looking at adding an app for it or something as that would be great, the goal for me is to get the same experience I have currently with the steamlink + laptop but swap the laptop for LS (much like yourself).

I do have a steam controller but I find it far more hassle to use day to day than the PS4 pad.