Steam, Origin, etc.. savegames


Hey guys,

I am a new user of LiquidSky and I would like to know if Steam, Origin or uPlay for example keep a backup of our savegames. I used the 'pay as you go' plan and I am not sure to be able to connect myself to my SkyComputer every 7 days, meaning that I can lost everything. I understand this rule but if I created a new SkyComputer, I would like to be sure that Steam, Origin and others keep a backup of my savegames. If not, do you have a solution to backup these files easily by myself just in case?

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Steam Cloud can be enabled on some games and will backup game saves at regular intervals. However when i used it for Fallout 4, I ended up losing almost 2 days of progress. Origin has a similar system i haven't used, and I don't know about uPlay.

What I would recommend is backing up your saves to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. That way you can be sure you have your saves, you just have to remember to upload them before you end your session!


Ok, it indeed make sense to backing up my saves on the cloud just in case. I will check that for Steam and Origin. Thanks for your answer!


I use Google Drive too for games like mass effect 1 that have not cloud saves on steam, you can test some of them but i think this one is the best.


I would highly recommend upgrading to the gamer or unlimited plans (I have gamer) as you will not have to worry about this. You can take a break off your SkyComputer for a month and it will still be there just as long as the subscription is active.


I use Free File Sync to sync any save games to Dropbox that do not sync to Steam Cloud, Origin, or Uplay. You can save a batch file with Free File Sync that you can set to sync when you log in and/or every so many minutes, etc. using Windows’ Task Scheduler tool.


Hmmmmmm, sound expensive.


This would certainly help and I would recommend users compliment this with a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, pCloud or whichever they may choose to provide extra cover in case your SkyComputer was unexpectedly deleted or something happens which causes you to create a new one (such as the known Origin bug)

Although the bug can be prevented, if you stumble on it unknowingly then you may have to recreate your machine and could lose all your save games as a result of complacency.