Steamy and Green Man


So thanks to LS im really getting back into gaming on pc. (Overwatch mostly)

Steam is having a sale… ( i was thinking of gettni skyrim maybe?) I dont know, I really dont wanna spend more than 20

Someone told me to use Any thoughts on this?


It’s a legit site. You can buy games from there that can be activated on Steam.


Why don’t you get from steam itself? At least in my country, steam prices are lower than any other websites.


You have skyrim legendary edition for 10$ on G2A site.I bought 3 keys from them and all works.


Greenmangaming is a good site, I personally check the prices on sites in this order:

  1. Humble Bundle, because they donate to charity.
  2. Gog; because they are DRM free.
  3. Steam, for convenience.
  4. Cdkeys, because they’re cheap and sometimes I’m really cheap.

I personally avoid G2A because of how much developers have decried that site.


I agree with gog and cdkeys. Cdkeys are really great and buy nearly all of my steam games from there.

Ironic considering the history of cdkeys site.


Same here, I trust CDkeys since I never had any problems. Its more trustworthy then G2A personally.

The bad thing is you gotta watch out, is to make sure the key works in your region as some games only work on Asia or EU only and there are no Steam refunds for it (in case the game fails to run or you don’t like the game) - which is a dealbreaker for some people.