Streaming from LiquidSky!


Come and join me make a fool out of myself!

Playing and Streaming from LiquidSky - Escape from Tarkov!

Love to see you guys there!


Hey, i’m here, seeing your stream right now


I ended my stream a bit earlier than planned…

I still have some bugs to work out, and Escape from Tarkov is almost impossible to play in the evenings, I think. I did a lot of waiting to join sessions, and Streamlabs’ OBS crashed on me twice - Not LiquidSky’s fault at all, its definitely in beta, and has issues. So I’m going to be switching back to regular OBS to stream from instead - and earlier.

Thank you for those that joined me tonight, if you’d like, please follow my stream so you can see the next time I make a fool out of myself lol

There is a VOD available to watch if you missed it (and you’ll see how awful me and the the wait in EFT was! lol).