Streaming LIVE on YouTube Right Now: Paladins OB50 Release Gameplay (All from within LiquidSky!)


AmarokHK Live Stream Special: Paladins OB50 Release Gameplay

Follow the link above as I am live streaming to YouTube RIGHT NOW the brand new Paladins OB50 patch all from within LiquidSky!

I appreciate any and all support from my fellow LS users! :slight_smile:


Hey Captaincrunnk,

Thanks for streaming this on LiquidSky!

It looked great! Looking forward to seeing more from you as we always enjoy to see our users having fun on LiquidSky! :slight_smile:


Thanks @LiquidSkyJustin! I appreciate the kind words. I only wish I had realised my keyboard was dying BEFORE the stream so I didn't do so poorly, haha.

I definitely intend to do a lot of live streaming, slowly ratcheting up production, and it will always be from inside LS. Perhaps one day, you know - when I'm a global superstar (haha) - we'll have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Let the engineers know I'm thoroughly enjoying the product and it has only gotten more and more stable. Keep up the good work behind the scenes.