Streaming to Twitch Using LiquidSky


Hey all! I’ve seen a lot of questions about how to stream using your LiquidSky client. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get up and running!

I will leave this topic open for any questions relating to this topic. :sunglasses:



Thank you, this will come in handy!:ok_hand:t4:


@liquidskymorgan Discord on the SkyPC will need the microphone input/output as vbcable in order for it to pick up the mic. Also Discord on the SkyPC will need its mic muted, otherwise it will echo. OBS will need to be set to use vbcable as the microphone also.


I added the setting VBCABLE as the default output in Discord. I believe there is no needed change on OBS since I made VBCABLE the default mic in a previous step. Should work! :slight_smile:


When im trying to stream last Time. There are huge Input lag when start streaming on OBS. Same thing happen when i trying to recording via LiquidSky app.


It only happens when you try to stream?


Yes. When i’m trying to stream, or recording in OBS, or when i’m start recording via fuction build-in liquidsky pc app. When i’m stop stream, or recording, then everything is displayed very fast, and back to normal in few seconds.


Have you tried on both gamer and pro?


i can play only in weekends, when run pro plan is almost impossible. So no, only gamer.


Unfortunately, in order to game and stream at the same time, you’ll need to pretty much only connect to Pro in order to have enough resources to do both.


Long time ago, we can record on both plans.


You can using the in-house recording option.

Streaming on the other hand, or using OBS to record, I would highly suggest using Pro.


I can just stream LiquidSky window on my local computer, only if LiquidSky pay me for displaying the logo of LiquidSky all the time :rofl:

How to use mic for in game chat?