Subcribe problem


Hi,i bought a subscription "gamer plan",but I don't have it,it says my status are "pending" what should I do?


What kind of payment method are you using?


webmoney. My friend bought it from RUSSIA. His email is



It is because the transaction is not done yet. you have to confirm and pay the ticket for 777.2 RUB.


he's done that already,but no subscribe :C


Hey @deamons2007, although I can't help directly with the subscription issue you are having I would certainly advise you not to post an email address directly in a post on a public forum like this - there are many bot systems sifting through the web that will pick it up and start to send you an overwhelming amount of junk mail as a result.


Just transfer your request to the liquidsky team


I was told your case is resolved, please check your account.:slight_smile: