Subscription canculation and Payment Method Managment


@jason @LiquidSkyJustin was wondering if the client or the new site will have a way to cancel subscriptions and be able to manage payment methods at some point in the future?


+1 I'm interested in this as well


yeah would make it a lot easier for us to cancel instead of bugging customer service to do so


I was just billed for a subscription that I do not use and cannot figure out how to cancel. Why are is there no account sections with billing/invoice options.

LiquidSky has to be one of the best ideas with the worst executions. Please, let me know what I need to do to stop paying for a service that I do not use.


The cancellation link is in the first payment confirmation email you received. Just search your email inbox for "Xsolla".


That is ofc, incorrect.
The link you get is to Xsolla's customer support. You still have to open a request in order to get your sub cancelled.
On the other hand, if you're paying with paypal, just cancel it there under regular payments.


That's weird when I cancelled mine I just clicked the cancel link and it took me to a page that said it is now cancelled


It's in the email that says "LiquidSky2.0 subscription activated". Take a look at this screenshot:


This is exactly my point. It should be something you have to search through emails for. There should be an account option with subscription options like 99% of online services have.


You're right of course, there should be an easy opt-out. But at least there is a direct link. Not ideal, but better than having to contact a support guy at Xsolla to protect my money.