Subscription renewal using Bitcoin


I used Bitcoin to pay for my gamer plan, and I'm unsure of how renewal will be handled once the month comes to an end. Xsolla cannot charge my wallet on its own, has anyone done this before?


I don't know the payment way of Bitcoin, hoping the other guys can offer some tips.


That is a really good point, I hope you get an email through asking you to renew with a bitcoin address but i have a feeling it will just revert you to the PayG plan sadly :confused: We will have to wait and see what happens. I love bitcoin and would love to start using it to pay for LiquidSky.


I got an email from Xsolla 4 days from my subscription's expiration date asking me to renew. I still got the option to pay using different methods.

So no service interruptions using Bitcoin as long as you catch the email!


Oh great! Thats what I like to hear, I was worried it was gonna be half done implementation :slight_smile: