Subscription renewal with the discount from Black Friday sale


Tomorrow 29th of January, according to the LiquidSky Website, my subscription will be renewed. I have a couple of issues about this.

First, I have not received any emails from Xsolla reminding me to renew my subscription. This is making me anxious because I do not know if it will renew automatically.

Second, the Black Friday sale stated that the discounted prices would last 3 months. So that's the payment for November, then December and lastly the payment for January that accordingly, should be tomorrow.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks


I have the same problem. I signed up during the 3 month promotion at $20 per month for unlimited. As of Friday, January 27th, I logged on and my sky computer was completely erased and put back on pay as you go. I didnt even get the "3 day grace period". I had played the night before and logged in the next day, lost my unlimited plan, lost ALL of my game data and entire sky computer game downloads and save files AND I'm now on the pay as you go plan and to top it all off...It shows I have to pay $40 through XSolla to get my unlimited back. No mention of my 3 month promotion planned I signed up for at $20 at all anywhere. So I lost everything without warning what so ever. Very impressive LiquidSky.


Submitted a ticket regarding this on Friday, January 27th. Will update if and when I receive word back regarding this complete mess.


I also submited a support ticket yesterday and got an anwser earlier today. Support says they do not understand why I am not being respected the 9.99 price and the website is charging the full 14.99, so they are investigating the issue.

I hope they can fix this soon. I am not the only one in my family who uses LS, my brother does too and he is using the Unlimited plan with the discounted price from the Black Friday Sale, but he too wasn't notified about renewing his subscription, nor is the discounted price being respécted.


Ok, well this is good news you received a reply and they are looking into the issue. I have not received a response yet but I'm sure it is coming since you have heard word back already. Hopefully they do the right thing and honor their promotion that we signed up for. Its unfortunate enough that I lost everything from a rogue sky computer wipe.


Yep,my brother just logged in to the website and he was lowered to pay as you go, and if he tries to renew his subscription, he is charged the full 40 bucks for it.

I told him to message support about it.

I still dont understand why i did not receive any alerts from Xsolla to renew my subscription. I guess this issue may have started when they modified their website.


Ok good, they have multiple tickets on this issue now. Yeah I don't know what is up with Xsolla but if Liquidsky is growing as much as it seems they are and these huge changes are taking place, they had better use a service that does automatic renewal subscriptions as an option and gives reminders. Definitely not convenient just logging in one day and you've lost your plan because you forgot to manually log in and pay.


My problem with all this is that, I use paysafe so me and my brother technically can't renew automatically.

HOWEVER, we used to receive emails from xsolla days well before the deadline for renewing. This time, neither of us were notified to pay. Secondly and the biggest issue is the fact that the discounted price of the black friday sale isn't being respected when trying to renew manually. At least allow to manually pay but respect the price right?!

Hopefully support can fix this before tomorrow or else I aint renewing and probably ditching LS.


Valid points, indeed


Where is our response from the team? 5 days later, 2 support tickets later, I've heard no word at all from liquidsky and I've received no help. I'm losing my patience with this lack of customer service for paying customers.


Did you eventually get an answer? I did. This is what they offered:

Apparently they couldnt fix the issue. So they told me that if I renewed the subscription for 14.99(regular price), and message them about it, support would add another 40 credits to cover the $5 overcharge.

Although I didnt answer back, I did not renew the service. Mainly because I didn't have enough to on my Paysafe account to cover the 15 bucks price and didn't bother adding more that day.


Yeah they reached out a day or so ago. Still working with Aristotle to get everything worked out but hes been very helpful. They definitely need way more people working on the customer service side though because I had to wait over a week to get a reply and my issues are still not entirely fixed


Yep, they definetely need more people working the customer support.