Suggestion - Custom performance packages


(Reposted because I think I posted it in the worng place :v )

I think you're all hyped by the cool CES announcement from LiquidSky, and I also think you really look forward to that Elite Performance Package, that has a powerful 12 core CPU, and a monstruous 8 GB of vRAM with a Tesla GPU, comparable with a GTX 1080. You'll also have an enourmous load of 32 GB of ... wait wait wait. 32 GB of RAM? Isn't that too much RAM for a gaming PC? Will I have to spend 240 Credits/Hour for a lot of RAM that I won't use? So i'll switch to Pro Pack... but I won't have that cool GTX 1080-like GPU to play The Witcher 3 at 90 FPS, with a 1080p resolution. Let's say I need the 32 GB of RAM and that beastial 12 cores because I have to edit and render a cool video I made, but I don't need 8GB of vRAM. Do I have to pay for a lot of vRAM that I won't use?
That's the problem that has to be adressed by letting the user customize it's performancce package.
The way LiquidSky works -allocating the server resources to each client when it needs them- it's perfectly compatible with this suggestion.

- Better SkyCredit costs: No user would have to pay for features it doesn't need with custom costs for each plan.
- More server capacity: No server would allocate resources to a machine that doesn't need them.

-Abuse: This can be adressed by setting a maximum to the quantity of a resource and user can allocate to it's SkyComputer
- None other than I could possibly think of with my limited networking and programming knowledge.

Hope this can make it into the new LiquidSky.