[suggestion] Unlimited Plan in new version?


As a suggestion, put back unlimited plan for new version. Some people would be wiling to pay monthly to get unlimited time, like me, i might be designing a game and i might need no time restrictions.

The press demo showed the other plan to have 125 hours which is barely enough time, some people put hundreds of hours into a week.

So please reconsider adding it back.


If you already purchased the unlimited plan , you can keep using it throughout beta. https://community.liquidsky.tv/t/ama-hi-im-the-ceo-of-liquidsky-ian-mcloughlin-ask-me-anything/5013/470


yeah i already know that but when I saw the press conference version in early january i saw that they got rid of it, it even says on their blog post. ----> http://blog.liquidsky.tv/2017/01/09/future-cloud-gaming-welcome-brand-new-liquidsky/


They said the plan was heavily abused. Some people somehow avoided the timeout and used it 24/7 for weeks in a row so they had to take it off.


I wonder how. My unlimited always kicked me off in what it thought was 30 min of inactivity. I have been playing games before and it would kick me off for inactivity.


It's actually pretty easy with mouse macros and scripts. All it took to bypass the inactivity timer was just that... activity in the client.


Welp there goes unlimited. I am not a fan of the pay as your use plans. It is the reason I never used azure or aws. Paperspace doesn't have the gpu needed to run games and the other cloud gaming service i use doesn't have enough space to accommodate the people that are already members with them. I guess the next option is to just plan to build a tower.


Okay but if staff see this forum post please please calculate a sufficient amount of time for a months worth of gaming cuz 125 hours is 5 days which is obviously hardly enough.


Yeah so the unlimited users get punished for the actions of a few typical always the case in these situations, I was paying close to 60NZD a month for it and would pay double that month for unlimited in new LS just saying.


The idea here is to NOT leave the sky computer on all day long so no 125 hours is not 5 days. Also the detailed plans have not come out yet so wait for those before calling the unlimited plan back. Hell maybe they'll add a 40$ plan with enough credits to play on the pro or elite tier on a daily basis for an entire month.


there's the perfect idea of how they would want people to use it then there's that one guy who games 12 hours a day over several days and bam 10 days gone not even 2 weeks no credits glad those days are gone for me I have little interest in most games these days and with work I got little to time to game anyways