Sul americanos que usam liquid sky


Voces aq da america do sul que assinam liquid sky, como fica pra vcs jogarem? é mto ruim? mto bom? mais ou menos? nao vi nenhum teste do sul da america na internet e tava qrendo saber pra jogar


From what I can get from Google translate, I can reply as such (feel free to put into Google Translate as well):

There is no local datacenter for Brazil anymore (this was a while back- let’s just say that a majority of users were abusers). The next closest datacenter you can access is either Dallas, Texas or San Jose, California. Both datacenters are located in the United States, so connections aren’t going to be the greatest (at best- most likely you’ll have high ping and this’ll be not optimal for competitive multiplayer, or any multiplayer game in general). You’re free to use this service if you think that won’t be an issue, but for now the developers are focused on smoothing out the experience on the current clients of PC and Android. Once those are smoothed out to the point where there are less bugs and more features datacenter expansions and the long-awaited Mac client will begin.


Oh, thank you,
I’m waiting anxiously for a server to come to South / Central America, I do not say this because I’m Brazilian, but also because there are other countries here that would like to. Senao is all right, I understand the reasons.