Support for plugged into your computer devices


I recently joined into this Liquidsky community and dont get me wrong, I love this because its the best experience for gaming in the "cheap". But it would be awsome if you guys could do support for the devices you have plugged into your computer. I mean, I am youtuber, and I use Liquidsky gaming computers because mines cannot even open the AAA titles I need to record, but is a PITA! to have to record my webcam and audio on my main POTATO computer(which consumes resources, and at the same time causes the client to run with some lag) and the gameplay on Liquidsky(and dont mention the hassle of transfering the filesof the webcam and microphone from my main computer to my Liquidsky computer, and then editing just....a complete waste of time. I hope that in the future we might be able to find a solution for this. Thank You!